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Erin Dian Dumbacher


Atlantis launch marks a bittersweet end to shuttle program

NASA must downsize and reorient itself as 30-year space travel effort draws to a close.


From Nextgov: Estonian experience offers lessons on preparing for a major cyberattack

The wired Baltic nation has become a proving ground for attackers as well as an intellectual center for rethinking cybersecurity , says Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves.


‘C’ Is for Change

As agency chiefs take the lead on financial, technology and personnel reforms, they see hurdles to innovation.


Senior executives give low marks to Obama appointees

Top career managers rate the president’s political leaders as less effective than those in the Bush or Clinton administrations.


From Tornadoes knock out power to Redstone Arsenal, Marshall Space Flight Center

Outages will not delay Friday's scheduled shuttle launch from Kennedy Space Center, officials say.


Exclusive survey: Feds don’t know whether they'll be furloughed

Looming shutdown hits morale at agencies, with half rating it as "low" or "very low."