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David Hess


TARP oversight agencies ask Treasury, Fed for answers

Watchdogs want more authority to monitor and examine the finances of the bailout effort.


Interior chief says agency prepared for stimulus projects

Salazar tells Senate Indian Affairs Committee he’s asked managers to give priority to work that could be started now.


Uproar over tanker contract continues as lawmakers clash

Boeing workers have said the loss of the contract could end thousands of jobs in Washington, Kansas and other states.


Senate Democrats approve budget on partisan vote

Bush has said he will veto any fiscal 2009 appropriations bills that exceed his overall spending target.


Senators clash with NASA chief on speed of space transition

Administrator tells panel that U.S. plans to spend about $2 billion under a contract with Russia to provide transport to space station through 2012.

Pay & Benefits

Senate panel votes to raise federal judges' pay

Judiciary Committee backs 32 percent salary hike.


GAO chief reprises warning of unsustainable deficits

David Walker tells Senate Budget Committee that "the passage of time only serves to worsen this situation."


IG: Coal safety agency stinting on mine inspections

Report says Mine Safety and Health Administration's inspector force was sharply cut between 2002 and 2006.


USDA food official: Agency has all authority it needs

Undersecretary cites recent recalls by meat packers and retail grocers as progress in enforcement system.


House panel reviews Congress' power to overrule rulemakers

Congressional Review Act has been mostly ignored since being passed as part of GOP's 1996 "Contract with America."


Petraeus delivers report of Iraq progress to Senate skeptics

Some senators accuse the Bush administration of diverting resources to Iraq that could be used elsewhere in the war on terrorism.


Senators urge stronger federal oversight of coal mines

Mine safety chief defends his agency’s record, saying it is too soon to assign blame for Utah collapse.


Panel hears estimates, pleas for long-term Gulf Coast aid

Some lawmakers question whether federal officials are leaning on states hard enough to curb potential waste, fraud or abuse in recovery programs.


Attorney general acknowledges lack of candor with Congress

Lawmakers criticize Alberto Gonzales for “crisis of leadership” and morale problems at Justice Department.


Defense secretary makes case for staying the course in Iraq

Short-term extension of war funding under consideration in the House would be "hugely disruptive," chief says.


Ex-Justice official recounts high marks for fired attorneys

Official denies playing any role in the dismissals or knowing why the attorneys were fired.


Panel backs stronger oversight of Coast Guard fleet upgrade

Bill would effectively end contractor self-certification, which limited the agency's direct control over quality and standards.


Katrina reconstruction effort lacks long-term strategy

Project is at a “critical turning point," GAO official says; Louisiana senator takes hard line on funds for rebuilding levees.


Social Security nominee warns furloughs may be imminent

Budget pinch is hurting morale and distracting employees, potential SSA chief tells the Senate Finance Committee.


Senators take new look at Interior royalties blunder

Issue revolves around Minerals Management Service failure to include price thresholds for royalty payments in leases granted in 1998 and 1999.