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Bourree Lam


The Fear of Feelings at Work

The psychologist Susan David argues that the idea that employees should only display positive emotions at work often results in organizational failures.


Being Quiet Is Part of Being a Good Leader

After interviews with 200 senior business executives, Hal Gregersen of MIT found that one of the virtues of good leadership is listening properly.


People Are Finding It Hard to Focus on Work Right Now

A survey finds that nearly a third of people say they have been less productive since the election.


The Challenge of Selecting a New Treasury Secretary

Critics lament that the department is often headed by a Wall Street financier, but the job requires expertise that only insiders tend to possess.


Shooting for Space, to Make Life Better on Earth

Elaine Flowers Duncan, an engineer at NASA, talks about what drew her to rocket science.


A Ranger Looks Back on 50 Years at Glacier National Park

The National Park Service has been around for 100 years, and Bob Schuster has been helping visitors connect with nature for 50 of them.


The Most Career-Minded Generation

Compared to 30 years ago, young people today are much more likely to say they’re going to college to secure a good job and steady pay.


Elizabeth Warren's Bill Aims to Make Taxes Less Awful

A new bill in the Senate would let the IRS provide taxpayers with pre-filled forms. Naturally, tax-software companies oppose it.


How Should the Government Fix the Social Security System?

Two options exist: increase revenues or cut benefits. The problem is figuring out which is fairer.


When Résumés Are Made ‘Whiter’ to Please Potential Employers

The job prospects of minority applicants who alter their names or experiences reveal some discouraging truths about workplace diversity efforts.


What Makes People So Frustrated About Their Paychecks?

For many white-collar workers, getting a raise isn’t about the extra money but about feeling confident that they aren’t getting cheated.


The Diversity Advantage

A study of 22,000 organizations finds a link between having women in leadership roles and profitability.

Pay & Benefits

Obama Announces New Equal-Pay Rules to Address the Gender Pay Gap

Companies with 100 employees or more will be required to disclose pay data broken down by race and gender to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


Do Workers Slack Off More When the Economy's Better?

During recessions, employees may feel a need to work harder to keep their jobs—but there’s also less work to do.


How to Get More Dads to Take Paternity Leave: Pay Them

There are many research-backed reasons for parents to take leave.


Why Does Progress on Women's Wages Seem to Be Stalling?

So far, 2015 has seen a widening of the gender pay gap—the first in decades.


Study: Stressful Jobs Make Life Shorter

Researchers found that unhealthy workplaces can affect mortality.


The SEC Could Soon Be Run Mostly by Women

If the Senate confirms Obama’s two nominees, only one of the five commissioners will be a man.