Waxman may push committee's oversight role

New chairman of House Energy and Commerce Committee is expected to increase emphasis on government accountability and pursue a transparency agenda.


Patent office cites progress in breaking application logjam

Agency's year-end numbers indicate it exceeded some of its targets.


Getting in Line

Most agencies (and companies) still don’t align information technology with business strategies, but the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has started to.


Lawmakers rebut Justice report on attorney firings

Sen. Pete Domenici and Rep. Heather Wilson fight suggestions that they had a hand in the removal of David Iglesias.


Democrats: Report on U.S. attorney firings leaves questions

Nora Dannehy, a career prosecutor, will direct probe.


House Judiciary chairman slams Appropriations panel over jurisdiction

Spat concerns an NIH mandate requiring federally supported scientists to submit their research manuscripts for free access on the Internet.


Technology chiefs poised to take a more strategic role

The transition to a new presidential administration could offer federal CIOs a chance to change their focus.


Backing Into Conservation

While being eco-friendly isn’t the driving force behind the data center consolidation at VA, it’s turning out to be a big fringe benefit.


Stronger oversight of intelligence hubs encouraged

Civil liberties advocates say the rules governing state "fusion centers" are unclear, and the centers have experienced mission creep.


PTO deputy director to leave agency next month

Announcement comes as lawmakers fight to break an impasse on legislation to overhaul the patent system.


Privacy protections strengthened in health IT bill

But amended version of legislation also states that a "good faith" data disclosure, like a letter sent to the wrong address, would not constitute a privacy breach.


The Transformers

The transition to a new administration could offer chief information officers a chance to shift from an operations role to a strategic one.


House supplemental bill praised for including extra research and science funds

A Senate vote on the House version is possible this week, and President Bush has indicated that he will probably sign it.


Homeland Security official warns U.S. workforce faces skills 'crisis'

Science and technology undersecretary Jay Cohen warns of lack of math and science competitiveness.


Committee revives debate over green card allocation

Members continue to push legislation that would allow more highly skilled foreign workers into the United States.


Lawmaker seeks to set standards for DHS handling of sensitive unclassified info

Move comes in wake of White House effort to set up consistent system across government for safeguarding sensitive documents.


Critics want panel to more closely scrutinize DHS E-Verify initiative

Department has not asked advisory committee to report on program enabling employers to electronically verify the legal status of newly hired workers.


Report: Justice collects more fines but funding stays flat

Inspector general has recovered $4.7 million in fines and restitutions since October, despite a relatively level budget and staff size.


Cisco grilled for allegedly helping Chinese censor, spy on dissidents

Company official downplays allegations, says the only equipment sold to country's public security bureau were routing and switching products.


Use a Safety Net

Telework and network access are critical to continuity of operations, IT officials say.