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Pay & Benefits

The Pain of the Second Missed Paycheck

As the government shutdown drags on, workers’ hardship grows—and soon could become a political break point.


Ex-Envoy to the Anti-ISIS Coalition Says Trump Has ‘No Plan’ for What’s Next in Syria

Brett McGurk faulted the president for completely reversing Syria policy after one telephone conversation with Turkey’s president.


Trump’s ‘Major’ Border Deal Is No Deal for Democrats

The president offered three-year protection for “Dreamers” and immigrants with protective status in exchange for $5.7 billion in border-wall funding. Democrats rejected it out of hand.


The Dangerous ‘New Phase’ for Donald Trump

The incoming House Judiciary chairman says the president has allegedly been involved in “massive frauds against the American people.”


Trump Nominates Regulations Czar to Replace Kavanaugh on U.S. Court of Appeals

The president’s nominee has a view of executive authority that’s as expansive as Brett Kavanaugh’s.


Everything's Political to Trump, Even Killing Osama Bin Laden

In an interview on Fox News, the president dismissed William McRaven as a Hillary Clinton ‘fan’ and asked why it took so long to get the al-Qaeda leader.


President Trump Just Called Jim Mattis ‘Sort of a Democrat’

Trump’s description in a testy 60 Minutes interview doesn’t bode well for the defense secretary’s longevity in the Trump cabinet after the midterms.


The Limits of the FBI’s Kavanaugh Probe

Trump administration denies multiple news reports that the background investigation has been circumscribed, and says the FBI has free rein.


Trump Signals an Openness to Talks with Iran

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley appeared on Sunday morning’s news shows and took a hardline on Iran, but said the president would react favorably if Iran expressed interest in meeting.


FEMA Chief Tries to Address Hurricane Response, But Gets Questions About His Job Security

Brock Long went on three talk shows to address his agency’s response to Hurricane Florence.


Mike Pence Swears His Loyalty on the Sunday Shows

The vice president calls an anonymous anti-Trump op-ed in The New York Times "un-American" and says he'd take a polygraph "in a heartbeat" to prove he didn't write it.