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Andrew Cohen


Analysis: Racial Issues Sink a Nomination for a Civil Rights Chief

The failure of Debo Adegbile's nomination to head the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division sets a sad precedent for young lawyers.


The Obscure Law That Governs Shutdowns

A look at the Antideficiency Act, and how it will come into play if Congress can't agree on a spending deal.


How Eric Holder Can Help Public Defenders and Their Clients

America's most powerful prosecutor is urging Congress to give funding back to defense lawyers. But actions speak louder than words.


Analysis: Sequestration Is Holding Up Our Legal System

Federal judges say a constitutional crisis may be on the horizon.


Analysis: It's Time for the Feds to Investigate Prison Abuse

The Bureau of Prisons has been accused of the systematic mistreatment of mentally ill inmates. DOJ's Office of the Inspector General should look into the matter.


Analysis: Labor Nominee Draws Unfair Criticism

Conservatives go after the head of the Voting Rights Section of the Justice Department for "cruddy" lawyering and "racial scaremongering against voter ID laws."


7 Questions About Managing Wild Horses for Interior Nominee Sally Jewell

Her predecessor presided over roundups and the sale of horses for slaughter. Without equine or ranching experience, what will this former executive do to right the wrongs?


The Interior contender who could save America's wild horses

Meet Raul Grijalva, rumored nominee and friend of the nation's untamed herds.


The big issues Obama left out of his inaugural address

The president's speech highlighted the gulf between the promise and the practice of America -- but it also showed how much narrower that gulf has become.

Pay & Benefits

The Pentagon says no to disabled daughter of Navy captain

A creative therapy was working on a severely disabled young woman. Yet the Pentagon decided it would no longer be covered by military insurance.


Analysis: A perfect new mission for Eric Holder

The attorney general has the chance to build a lasting legacy as a defender of voting rights. How? By leaving his current post to take up a new one.


Quietly, U.S. moves to block lawsuits by military families

Federal lawyers are trying to expand the government's legal immunity from exposure to medical malpractice claims.