A Union Has Filed a Complaint Against a Defense Agency Over Failure to Implement Biden's Voting Leave Policy

Officials with the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers said the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ inaction is emblematic of the Defense Department’s propensity to “slow walk” workforce policies that benefit employees.

New Data Suggests the Federal Pay Gap With the Private Sector Is Widening

Union officials called on the Biden administration to provide a more generous raise than the 4.6% average increase slated for next year, while a group representing executives urged officials to explore broader pay reform efforts.

Social Security Union Rallies Outside the Agency's Headquarters for Funding, Bargaining and Training

An internal survey conducted by the American Federation of Government Employees found that 4 in 10 field office respondents are considering leaving the agency within the next year.

Social Security’s Union Is Calling for $16.5 Billion in Funding and Cooperation from Management

Labor leaders say the only way out of the agency’s staffing crisis is more money and the abandonment of cutthroat collective bargaining tactics by the agency’s Office of Labor-Management and Employee Relations.

The FLRA Says HHS Erred in Implementing a Partial Union Contract During the Trump Administration

The agency that oversees labor-management relations in the federal government also chided a union for trying to get out of an agreement it previously reached because it conflicted with President Biden’s labor executive order.

A Union Says the National Park Service Violated the Law by Allowing an HR Official to Pursue Decertification After Her Promotion

Federal labor law requires agencies to remain neutral on the question of whether employees want to be represented by a labor union.

Lawmakers Are Calling for Permanent Leadership at Social Security

Nearly two years into his tenure, President Biden has yet to name his choice to lead the agency, despite low morale, mounting attrition and lack of progress in labor-management relations.

Supreme Court Takes Up Case Challenging FLRA's Long-Settled Jurisdiction Over National Guard Civilians

If the court’s conservative majority throws out the long-standing precedent that state national guards must comply with federal sector labor law, more than 20,000 employees could lose their collective bargaining rights.

Unions Are Making a Last-Ditch Effort to Expand Bargaining Rights for VA Medical Professionals

Labor leaders are urging lawmakers to vote to repeal a longstanding bar against negotiating over matters affecting patient care before the end of Congress’ session.

A Union Is Calling on the Administration to Do More to Retain Federal Firefighters

The Biden Administration secured significant pay raises for wildland firefighters as part of the bipartisan infrastructure law, but those increases are, for now, temporary and an exodus to stabler positions has continued.

FDIC Is Already Reneging on Its New Telework Agreement, Union Says

The National Treasury Employees Union said employees were promised telework with no need to return to the office regularly, only for managers to make attendance at weekly check-in meetings mandatory.

A Conservative Group Wants to Make It Easier for Feds to Bust Their Own Unions

Union officials said the agency at the heart of a case asking when employees can seek to decertify their unions after a bargaining unit consolidation could have a conflict of interest.

Immigration Judges Say the FLRA Made Up Rules to Decertify Union

In its appeal in federal circuit court, the National Association of Immigration Judges accused the Federal Labor Relations Authority’s then-Republican majority of already deciding to decertify the union before considering arguments in the case.

The FLRA Issues Another Complaint Against EEOC, This Time Over Tampa Union Evictions

Officials with the union representing EEOC employees said a steward was kicked out of their agency-provided office space after highlighting long-running anti-union animus by management at the Tampa field office.

America Is in the Middle of a Labor Mobilization Moment – with Self-Organizers at Starbucks, Amazon, Trader Joe’s and Chipotle behind the Union Drive

Public support for unions is at a near 60-year high. Meanwhile, self-organizers at major American chains are spearheading a new movement to mobilize.

The Biden Administration Moves to Make Unions More Accessible to Federal Contractors

This carries out a recommendation from the White House task force on worker organizing.