Analysis: Can the Constitution Stop the Government from Lying to the Public?

When a person or agency backed by the power and resources of the government tells a lie, it sometimes causes harm that only the government can inflict.


The Lessons of the Afghanistan Papers

Americans need leaders who can tell them how and when they will decide to pull the plug.


Analysis: Courts Have Avoided Refereeing Between Congress and the President, but Trump May Force Them to Wade In

President Trump refuses to provide information to lawmakers in the impeachment inquiry. But courts have been reluctant to take such cases for fear of upsetting the government's balance of power.


The Trump Administration Gutted the Staff Overseeing $1 Billion in Aid to Iraq. A Watchdog Is Raising Red Flags.

A new report warns that USAID may not be able to effectively oversee $1.16 billion in foreign aid to Iraq — including to Christian groups Vice President Mike Pence’s office favored — after the administration cut much of its on-the-ground staff.


Viewpoint: The U.S. Government Has a Secrecy Problem

American officials classify too much information, from the trivial to the politically inconvenient. The overreliance on secrecy invites abuse.


In Act of Defiance, FEC Chair Tweets Memo on Foreign Election Interference Over GOP Commissioner's Objections

Chairwoman Weintraub said a Republican commissioner last week blocked publication of the guidance in a weekly digest of FEC activities.


Viewpoint: Trump’s Unprecedented Fight to Withhold Information

The 45th president has again set himself apart—this time by resisting congressional oversight to an unparalleled degree.


Office of Legal Counsel Is Illegally Withholding Opinions from Public Scrutiny, Suit Alleges

Plaintiffs argue that 25-year-old documents are vital to understanding the Trump administration's decisions and should be made public under the 2016 FOIA reform.


Trump Called Baltimore 'Vermin Infested' While the Federal Government Fails to Clean Up Rodents in Subsidized Housing

Baltimore’s public housing is among the most dilapidated and dangerous in the country — nearly half of complexes failed inspection — and Trump just spent a week attacking the city on Twitter.


Social Security Administrator Institutes Partial Hiring Freeze

Unions say they have not been briefed on the measure, which applies to all headquarters components and regional offices.


Lawmakers Seek to Bolster Public Records Law

A bipartisan bill would overrule a recent Supreme Court decision and reverse recent changes at EPA.


Senate Panel Backs Bill Requiring Greater Transparency on Federal Spending

Goal is for taxpayers to have access to more information on where their money is going. 


Senators in Both Parties Object to FOIA Changes at EPA

A recent change in public information request regulations, effective immediately, vested more power in political appointees.


State Department Faulted for Redoing Web Page Aimed at Helping Refugees

Spokesman says modernization effort merely relocated material tracked by transparency group.


J. Edgar Hoover’s Revenge: Information The FBI Once Hoped Could Destroy Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Has Been Declassified

Publication was justified of information from the FBI that Martin Luther King Jr. witnessed and celebrated a woman’s rape, writes a historian, who warns the FBI had long wanted to destroy King.