Promising Practices

When It’s Time for You to Go

The decision to leave public service isn’t easy. Two former federal executives offer five lessons before making the leap.

How to Improve the Performance Appraisal Process

The federal practice of issuing uninformative mid-year reviews followed six months later by year-end appraisals is both painful and ineffective.

Four Leadership Takeaways from Ash Carter

The former Defense secretary has important advice for both political and career executives.

Breakthrough Technologies Offer Enormous Opportunity for Federal Leaders—If They Seize It

What Silicon Valley calls “exponential technologies” could transform agency operations and boost national security.

Two Questions Every Leader Should Ask Repeatedly

We're mostly oblivious to how our actions are received, and that's a problem.

How Behavioral Science Could Improve Federal Programs

The private sector has been using psychological insight for years to promote certain outcomes.

4 Ways To Move Beyond Gridlock In Touchy Debates

"We need to listen to other viewpoints and try to understand the other side. If we cannot talk and listen to one another, then there is no hope for change."

Featured eBooks

The Reasons Your Change Initiative Will Fail

Most people focus too much on the results and not enough on the relationships that will yield the results.

Nine Ideas to Help You Lead Effectively in Pressure Environments

It should be a crime to sacrifice potential in the name of results-at-all costs.

Why Having Too Many Choices Makes Decisions Harder

Endless choices may seem appealing, but introduces a paradox. "You want to make a good choice, but feel like you can't."

Demeaning Job Interviews And Bullying Bosses Are Still Far Too Common

The selection process should not be a Darwinian exercise in survival of the fittest.

Think Government Can’t Do Anything Quickly and Cheaply? Think Again.

Looking to build a “test, learn and adapt” culture, federal agencies have conducted dozens of rapid, low-cost experiments over the last few years.

It's Time to End the 'Manel' Tradition of All-Male Speaking Panels

"It is not enough to give lip service to equality; leaders must demonstrate their commitment through their actions," says Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health.

What is Fair Pay for Federal Employees?

Officials plan to do something they've never done before—develop a market analysis comparing the total compensation for federal jobs with their non-federal counterparts.

Going to the Moon: Reflections on a Government Success Story 50 Years Later

“The real heroes of Project Apollo were public servants,” says historian Douglas Brinkley.