On Politics

Conspiracy Theories Are Dangerous Even if Very Few People Believe Them

Worrying about how many people believe false ideas misses the real danger – that people are influenced by them whether they believe them or not.

Study Gauges Americans’ Views on Military Intervention

The United States public prefers when the country works with other military powers, protects civilians, and resolves conflict peacefully, research on military intervention finds.

Americans Think They Know a Lot about Politics – and It’s Bad for Democracy that They’re so Often Wrong in Their Confidence

Many Americans think they know much more about politics than they really do. That overconfidence can thwart democratic politics.

Sounding the Alarm on Extremism, Biden Says ‘MAGA Republicans’ Pose Threat to Democracy

Thursday’s speech marks Biden’s second visit to Pennsylvania — a battleground state with high-stakes elections this fall — in the past week

Prosecuting a President Is Divisive and Sometimes Destabilizing – Here’s Why Many Countries Do It Anyway

Both sweeping immunity and overzealous prosecutions of former leaders can undermine democracy. But such prosecutions pose different risks for older democracies like the U.S. than in younger ones.

A Deep Dive Into the Widening Mortality Gap Across the Political Aisle

New research examines how an area’s political environment can affect its mortality rate.

Americans May Forgive Lies from Their Party’s Politicians

Americans are more forgiving of lies when they come from politicians in their own party, research finds.

Why Retiring from Politics is More Complicated for Women

Women in politics, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, face unique challenges when it comes to aging and family life.

Scientists Identify the Missing Ingredient for Climate Action: Political Will

The IPCC's latest report finally recognizes the social barriers to climate action.

All American Presidents Have Lied – the Question Is Why and When

A political philosopher argues that while all American presidents may lie, those who appear to lie for the public good are often celebrated.

How America’s Partisan Divide Over Pandemic Responses Played Out in the States

States led by Republican governors generally had higher COVID-19 case and death rates in 2020.

It’s not Just Trump – Presidents and Politicians Have Long Shredded Etiquette

'Mind your manners' isn't just something your mother told you. Manners – and civility – are an essential component of how things get done in government, and the Founding Fathers knew it.

Talking Politics in 2021: Lessons on Humility and Truth-Seeking from Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin spoke and wrote in ways that, if taken up now, could begin to erode the polarization of the current era.

If Trump Refuses to Accept Defeat in November, the Republic Will Survive Intact, as It Has 5 out of 6 Times in the Past

Five of the six contested presidential elections in U.S. history were resolved and the country moved on -- one ended in civil war. What will happen if the upcoming election is contested?

Most U.S. Voters Value Party Over Democracy

Only 3.5% of US voters would cast ballots against their preferred candidates as punishment for undemocratic behavior, a new study shows.

The Bush-Gore Recount Is an Omen for 2020

An oral history of the craziest presidential election in modern history