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Americans on the Right and Left Change Their Minds After Hearing Where Trump Stands

In recent years, voters have shifted their views on issues based upon the positions of politicians -- even when that shift clashes with their ideology.

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In the 2016 election, more than a third of Americans didn't vote. What might be keeping them from going to the polls?

3 Big Ways that the U.S. Will Change Over the Next Decade

The number of old people will increase, while the proportion of white Americans will continue to fall.

The Legal Questions Still Unanswered by Trump’s Impeachment

What exactly is abuse of power? And, for that matter, what is “obstruction of Congress?”

One Thing About the 2020 Election Is Already Clear

Regardless of which side wins next year, the divide between red and blue America is likely to only grow wider.

Trump Becomes the Third President in U.S. History to Be Impeached

The voted capped a two-month investigation, but it was years in the making.

Analysis: The Stain of Impeachment Will Last Forever

The House is poised to indelibly alter Trump’s legacy.

Viewpoint: If the Witnesses Could Exonerate Trump, Why Aren’t They Testifying?

Trump’s defenders suggest that White House aides could exculpate the president—but the evidence suggests otherwise.

Analysis: The Legal Debate About Impeachment Is Over

The expert witness called by Republicans agreed that the quid pro quo—if proved—would be an impeachable act.

Viewpoint: Voters Deserve to Know How the 2020 Candidates Would Really Govern

Presidents can’t wave a magic wand and make single-payer insurance happen.

Viewpoint: Look Who’s Trying to Seize Private Property

The Trump administration wants to use eminent domain to build the border wall.

The Slow-Boil Revolt: Retired Senior Military Officers Face a Dilemma

They're growing more concerned that the Trump administration doesn’t want their advice, and struggling with how much they can say publicly.

Analysis: The Political Funeral in the Age of Trump

Representative Elijah Cummings’s service showed how the president has even changed how his rivals are mourned.

The Battle for Obama’s Legacy

A scrap over who deserves credit for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was the prickliest exchange yet between two top Democratic rivals, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

Analysis: Trump’s Defeat on Tax Returns Signals a Big Problem for the President

A federal judge dismisses Trump’s “limitless assertion of presidential immunity.”

Analysis: When a Vice President Becomes a Threat

The fragility of Mike Pence’s partnership with Donald Trump could soon be on high display.