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Analysis: Why Won’t Democrats Say They Want Government to Solve Problems?

Americans want government to serve them, but don't have confidence that it actually can.

Analysis: How Did The Presidential Campaign Get To Be So Long?

While other countries set strict limits on the length of campaigns, American presidential races have become drawn-out, years-long affairs. It wasn’t always this way.

Will Trump’s Use Of Executive Privilege Help Him Avoid Congressional Oversight? It Didn’t Help Nixon

President Trump has invoked executive privilege to stymie congressional investigators. Another president, Richard Nixon, did the same thing. It helped Nixon hold onto power – but only for a while.

Infrastructure Week Isn’t a Joke Anymore

A deal with the Democrats may now be Trump’s best chance for a legislative win ahead of 2020.

Viewpoint: The Mueller Report Was My Tipping Point

I was a Trump transition staffer, and I’ve seen enough. It’s time for impeachment.

Analysis: Be Grateful for the Mueller Report

The president of the United States is not a traitor. That’s a good thing.

Marijuana Legalization – A Rare Issue Where Women Are More Conservative Than Men

Could mothers be responsible for the gender gap? Or are other factors at play?

The Shutdown Showed How Precarious Americans’ Finances Really Are

What began as an impasse over the border wall became a warning sign of creeping instability.

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Trump Isn’t Even Trying to Convince Voters on the Shutdown

The president and his party have grown accustomed to representing a minority of Americans—and ignoring majority opinion.

Congress Used To Pass Bipartisan Legislation – Will It Ever Again?

Most Congresses since the 1970s have passed more than 500 laws, ranging from nuclear disarmament to deficit reduction. Will today's bitter partisanship hamstring the new Congress' productivity?

An Awkward Beginning to Democratic Control of the House

The shutdown is undercutting the Democrats’ moment of triumph, muddling their opportunity to drive the national debate on their own terms.

What Obama Talks About When He Talks About Trump

At an appearance in Houston on Tuesday, the former president had no trouble explaining a reference to Trump as Voldemort.

What a New Crop of Veteran-Lawmakers Means for Democrats

They could be the start of a redefined party that’s more closely associated with national security.

Everything's Political to Trump, Even Killing Osama Bin Laden

In an interview on Fox News, the president dismissed William McRaven as a Hillary Clinton ‘fan’ and asked why it took so long to get the al-Qaeda leader.

An Open-and-Shut Violation of Campaign-Finance Law

The relevant law is favorable to candidates. But it appears Trump still managed to violate it.

The Rocky Trump Transition Is Headed To Netflix, Thanks To Barack Obama And Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis's "The Fifth Risk" is about the botched transition from Obama‘s federal government to Trump‘s.