IRS wants to go after more millionaires with unpaid tax bills, if it can find the staff

The agency had planned to bring on 3,833 revenue agents in fiscal 2023, but as of March had recruited just 34.

OPM has a plan to take its tech 'from the Flintstones to the Jetsons'

The personnel agency recently released its first IT strategic plan in nearly a decade.

Despite hiring efforts, 92% of VA facilities report severe nursing shortages

While the department has made strides filling vacancies, VA's health care centers are struggling to find candidates in occupations across their workforces.

The federal government’s primary internship program is getting its first update in a decade

The Office of Personnel Management will propose regulations Wednesday governing the federal government’s Pathways Programs to make it more appealing for potential applicants and easier for agencies to use as a recruitment tool.

Republicans push for hiring freeze at the Education Department

The department has yet to recover from the significant workforce losses is sustained under President Trump.

IRS needs to significantly ramp up use of bonus pay incentives, IG says

To meet its ambitious staffing goals, watchdog says IRS must start doling out cash.

1/4 of DOD cyber jobs are vacant. Here's the plan to fill them

Civilian cyber workers are the main challenge, as it's harder for DOD to attract and keep them.

Cannabis users could become feds under bipartisan House bill

The legislation also would allow federal job applicants who were previously denied positions or security clearances over marijuana usage dating back to 2008 to have those decisions reviewed under the newly proposed policy.

House Republicans question the SEC’s hiring and pay practices

The chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee wants to know more about the agency’s use of a program designed to bring on skilled hires for short-term rotations.

Agencies would have more flexibility in the hiring process, under new OPM rules

Regulations implementing a provision of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act would give hiring managers more information—and options—as they evaluate job applicants.

The House, Senate and White House all want more FAA staffing, but disagree on how to get there

All parties acknowledge the agency is facing a crisis that will cause mass disruptions to air travel absent more resources.

OPM’s ‘Intern Experience Program’ promises to standardize, improve agencies’ internship offerings

The plan is the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at boosting participation in internship programs at federal agencies and improving the government’s ability to recruit younger civil servants.

Congress needs ‘private sector buy-in’ to address cyber workforce shortage

Organizations are working to educate and train the next generation of professionals to fill critical cybersecurity vacancies, but private sector firms need to change their hiring practices to integrate this pool of talent into the workforce. 

Social Security’s staffing crisis is getting dire, union says

Agency management is doing “the bare minimum” to improve workplace conditions amid a daunting workload and morale that is among the worst in the federal government, union officials argue.

Government has a policy over people problem, civic tech leader argues

In a new book, Code for America founder Jennifer Pahlka argues that government implementers need more authority to avoid becoming risk-averse compliance agents.