A Federal Employee Group is Again Urging OPM to Ban All Use of Salary History in the Federal Hiring Process

An organization focused on improving gender equity at the Justice Department warned that anything short of completely banning federal agencies from considering job applicants’ salary histories could continue to perpetuate historic pay gaps in government.

How to Reinvigorate the National Security Community One Young Worker at a Time

The national security community needs to reevaluate some basic features of public service that are turning young workers away from government work.

GovExec Daily: How to Ace a Virtual Interview

Amanda Augustine joins the podcast to discuss the remote hiring process.

Here's What OPM Is Doing to Change Its Approach to Federal Personnel Issues

Kiran Ahuja said the Office of Personnel Management is working to implement the National Academy of Public Administration’s recommendations to transform the agency.

Here’s How We Might Improve Early Career Recruitment for Federal Jobs

Agency leaders must commit to understanding the gap between early career employees’ expectations, and current recruitment and hiring practices.

The Senate’s Defense Authorization Act Omits Most Workforce Provisions, For Now

Although many workforce-related policies included in the House-passed version of the annual defense policy bill are not included in the Senate’s latest draft of the bill, most could be added as amendments next month.

Quiet Quitting and the Great Resignation Have a Common Cause – Dissatisfied Workers Feel They Can’t Speak up in the Workplace

Research shows that workers rarely call out unethical behavior or even just operational problems, in large part because they fear serious consequences.

OPM Authorizes Emergency Hiring for Hurricane Response

The federal government’s HR agency also reminded agencies of the variety of categories of leave available to federal workers impacted by a pair of recent severe storms.

Can Apprenticeships Help Address the Cyber Workforce Gap?

The push comes as part of the Labor Department's cybersecurity apprenticeship sprint, which it launched with the Commerce Department over the summer.

IRS Has the Funding to Hire Tens of Thousands. Can It Actually Do So?

IRS hiring has been thrust into the spotlight, but augmenting the agency's workforce is still far from guaranteed.

GovExec Daily: Why Aren't Public Servants Taking Vacations?

Nextgov's Frank Konkel joins the podcast to discuss burnout and workforce issues.

VA Nurses Stage Demonstrations to Protest Understaffing

Employees are taking on more work than ever, causing burn out and high turnover. VA hopes new pay authorities will reverse that trend.

A Much-Hyped Effort to Help DHS Land Cyber Talent is Slow to Make Hires

So far about four hires have been made under the Cybersecurity Talent Management System, with the agency hoping to make offers to 150 new cyber specialists by the end of September.

GovExec Daily: The Inflation Reduction Act's IRS Priorities

Former White House official Diana Furchtgott-Roth joins the podcast to discuss how the law will affect taxpayers and small businesses.

Republican Senator Implores Americans Not to Apply for New IRS Jobs

New positions aimed at enforcing tax laws are immoral and will not last long anyway, lawmaker suggests.