Students Can Now Earn up to $72,000 Annually, Federal HR Director Says

OPM Director Kiran Ahuja said the federal government is looking to overhaul internships, telling students “we need more of you and your colleagues coming into the federal government.”

Human Capital Execs Are ‘Resigned’ to Operating Around a Failed HR System

Looking to the future, the GS system will be a barrier to rebuilding a federal workforce with essential expertise.

OPM Finalizes Rule to Boost Agency Hiring of Military Spouses

Regulations removing obstacles to hiring spouses of active duty service members outside of the competitive process will go into effect next month.

'Understaffed' IRS Is Letting Top 1% Avoid Taxes, Biden Administration Laments

Wealthiest Americans avoid $163B in taxes annually, but auditors warn that Biden's plan to fix the gap may yield underwhelming results.

More Than Two-Thirds of Americans Support a Surge in Staff and Funding at IRS

Biden has proposed additional spending at the tax agency, arguing it would help prevent wealthy Americans from dodging their bills.

Postal Service to Hire 100,000 Employees in 2021

The hiring is part of a $40 billion investment in the mailing agency's workforce and infrastructure.

The Federal Pay Equity Quandary

Rebuilding the workforce will require a pay system that is seen as fair to highly qualified men and women. It also has to enable agencies to compete for talent.

GovExec Daily: OPM Makes It Easier For Agencies to Hire Interns

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss new Office of Personnel Management regulations.

Biden Proposes Dramatic Hiring Surge in Asylum Workforce as Part of Immigration Overhaul

The administration is looking to more than double the number of asylum employees as it shifts responsibilities between agencies.

OPM Rule Eases Agency Hiring of Interns

Under regulations slated for publication Wednesday, agencies will be able to hire job candidates still in college to temporary jobs and can eventually convert them to permanent positions.

GovExec Daily: Modernizing the IRS Workforce

Dr. Ron Sanders joins the podcast to discuss how to fix the Internal Revenue Service and shrink the tax gap.

Shrinking the Tax Gap Requires a Renewed IRS Workforce

Congress must give the agency statutory authority to develop and implement a new set of civil service rules if it is to hire and hold accountable employees with the necessary skills.

Discrimination against Mothers Mars Hiring

Workplaces still discriminate against mothers, a study finds. Another indicates that inflexibility about hours keeps moms out of jobs.

Young Workers Want Good Communication, Not Perks

New research suggests young workers, those ages 21-34, want respectful communication at work, not perks and "fun."