Executive Coach

Are You Hearing or Listening?

Problem-solving, team-engagement, relationships and results all improve when leaders listen better. Here are some tips.

You’ve Got to Leave the Launchpad If You Want to Get to the Moon

Instead of thinking about what you want to do this year, think about where you want to be three years from now.

How the Best Leaders Encourage Open and Honest Dialogue

If your people aren’t contributing, speaking up and sharing the truth as they see it, you’re going to be flying blind.

Great Leaders Give Direction Not Directions

In the military, this approach is known as commander’s intent.

Would You Rather Be Effective or Right?

There’s someone in every group who thinks they have the best answer, and they want everyone else to know it.

Don’t Fall Into This Leadership Trap

If you’re only transmitting information, you’re not influencing people. Leadership is more than giving inspirational speeches.

What Multiple Sclerosis Has Taught Me About Life and Managing Myself

The things that have worked for me will work for you, whatever is going on in your life.

Three Questions to Keep Yourself From Losing Your Cool

I’ve learned to take my rant offline rather than saying or doing something I’m going to regret later.

The Reasons Your Change Initiative Will Fail

Most people focus too much on the results and not enough on the relationships that will yield the results.

How to Have Your Best Week

Three tips to help you manage your time most effectively.

How to Get Your Micromanager Boss to Back Off

There’s one thing you need to know and three steps you can take.

How to Promote Your Work Without Being Self-Promotional

Consider these seven questions to help you avoid sounding like a braggart.

How to Stop Being ‘Them’ and Start Being ‘Us’

When you achieve certain titles in an organization, you become one of “them” to the vast majority of the people who work there.

How to Know if You’re Keeping the Right Pace for Yourself

You need breaks throughout the day. Your brain can only stay focused for so long before it gets tired.