GovExec Daily: The Connection Between Voting Rights and the Economy

Laxmi Wordham, Founding Member and Advisor to the Leadership Now Project, and Sarah Walker, the Executive Director of Secure Democracy, join the podcast to discuss how the business community is looking at a Supreme Court case.

USPS Is Already Facing Legal Action Over DeJoy's Forthcoming Mail Slowdowns

Lawsuit stems from the Postal Service's performance during the election, which generally won good reviews in a new IG report released Tuesday.

GovExec Daily: Revisiting 2020 Election Security

The Alliance for Securing Democracy's David Levine joins the podcast to discuss how elections can be more secure in the wake of the recent presidential contest.

Election Commission Regains Quorum and Resumes Full Duties, Facing a Massive Backlog of Work 

There are 446 matters before the agency and 275 staff reports awaiting decisions from the commissioners. 

A Brief History of Presidents Snubbing Their Successors – and Why the Founders Favored Civility Instead

'Mind your manners' isn't just something your mother told you. Manners – and civility – are an essential component of how things get done in government, and the Founding Fathers knew it.

The Last Time Trump Alleged Massive Fraud

After the 2016 election, President Trump claimed that millions of votes had been illegally cast. The commission he established to investigate this came up empty-handed.

GovExec Daily: Ballot Measures and Drug Policy

Route Fifty's Emma Coleman joins the podcast to discuss how voters treated legalization and decriminalization efforts on Election Day.

GovExec Daily: The Races to Watch on Election Night

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the contests federal employees will want to monitor.

How to Be a Good Digital Citizen during the Election – and Its Aftermath

That "friend of a friend" post you're thinking about sharing on social media could make you an unwitting accomplice in a disinformation campaign.

Top FEC Official’s Undisclosed Ties to Trump Raise Concerns Over Agency Neutrality

A top Federal Election Commission official, whose division regulates campaign cash, has shown support for President Trump and has close ties to his 2016 campaign attorney, Don McGahn. Experts said the actions raise questions about impartiality.

What Would a Second Trump Term Mean For Foreign Policy?

The nuts and bolts may shift, but the approach is likely to stay the same.

Election Officials Prepare for Voter Intimidation Threat

The presidential debate fueled concerns about voter harassment at the polls.

There’s Nothing Unusual about Early Voting – It’s Been Done since the Founding of the Republic

This year is seeing a high number of absentee and mail-in ballots and voting in the period before Election Day -- but early voting periods are not new to the 2020 election.

GovExec Daily: Debates and the Electoral Process

Dr. Mitchell S. McKinney joins the podcast to examine the history of the format and what debates bring to voters.

DOJ Frees Federal Prosecutors to Take Steps That Could Interfere With Elections, Weakening Long-standing Policy

In an internal announcement, the Justice Department created an exception to a decades-long policy meant to prevent prosecutors from taking overt investigative steps that might affect the outcome of the vote.

Why Friendships Are Falling Apart Over Politics

A recent Pew survey showed just how deep the divide has become, with about 40% of registered voters saying that they didn't have a single close friend supporting a different presidential candidate.