Warren Promises to Pay Federal Employees During Shutdowns If She Becomes President

Democratic candidate's plan also calls for reversing President Trump’s executive orders "attacking" the federal workforce.

In Act of Defiance, FEC Chair Tweets Memo on Foreign Election Interference Over GOP Commissioner's Objections

Chairwoman Weintraub said a Republican commissioner last week blocked publication of the guidance in a weekly digest of FEC activities.

Senate’s Election Security Funding Bill Leaves a Key Agency Strapped for Cash

The Election Assistance Commission has struggled with insufficient staff and resources.

Report on Election Security Gains Attention, and a Sharp Rebuke

A Virginia cybersecurity company asserted many states were vulnerable to election system intrusions. Critics called the report flawed and questioned whether the company was looking to exploit legitimate anxiety about election security.

Analysis: Why Won’t Democrats Say They Want Government to Solve Problems?

Americans want government to serve them, but don't have confidence that it actually can.

Distrust, Staffing and Funding Shortages Imperil Election Security

The federal government has made improvements since 2016, but ultimately, it may not be enough.

Sanders Campaign Proposes Granting Feds the Right to Strike

Workforce, labor experts suggest there may be better ways to improve federal employees’s bargaining rights.

2020 Democrats Have Plans to Add New Federal Agencies

Creating Peace and Cybersecurity departments are among the proposals.

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Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s Lawsuit Highlights a Gray Area in the Hatch Act

The act does not address the use of  government cell phones to send political text messages. 

Democrats Battle Over the Past and Present of Immigration

The 2020 presidential candidates know they’re against Donald Trump, but they are sharply divided over what kind of enforcement should be used at the border.

One Theme Unites 2020 Dems: Rein in President’s War Powers

Many voted to repeal the old AUMFs; Buttigieg proposes a 3-year sunset.

Play of the Day: Joe Biden Does Not Have a Command of the World Wide Web

The former veep had some trouble with his site name. Or maybe it's the name of his rocket ship.

The Promise Presidential Candidates Never Make Good On

Most Democrats want to end the war in Afghanistan, but the next president will have to weigh the trade-off between a responsibility to the American public and what the U.S. owes a country it invaded and promised to rebuild.