Biden Promises Pay Raises for Feds, Vows to Rely on Civil Servants' Expertise

The former vice president and current Democratic frontrunner blames Trump for "hollowing out" agencies.

Lawmaker Asks Democratic Presidential Candidates How They Would Rebuild the Federal Workforce

The Trump administration has done “lasting damage to the integrity, morale and retention of our federal workforce,” Virginia congresswoman writes.

Elections Agency Commissioner: ‘The Biggest Story at the FEC Is What’s Not Happening’

Agency received a funding increase in Trump’s 2021 budget request, but that won’t matter unless commission regains a quorum.

White House Budget Gives Election Agency More Funding, But Expert Says It's Not Enough

"A budget should be doubling down on funding [election-related] institutions," the observer argued. 

Analysis: The U.S. Could Learn How to Improve Election Protection from Other Nations

Around the world, elections are under attack. U.S. officials could learn from other countries about how to ensure everyone's vote is recorded and counted accurately

2020 Democrats Are Already Giving Up on Congress

They know their grand progressive plans could stall out on Capitol Hill. So they’re embracing executive authority instead—just like the man they hope to defeat.

Postal Workers Union Endorses Bernie Sanders

Labor group calls Sanders a champion of USPS employees who will fight to preserve the mailing agency.

Warren Pledges Major Overhaul of Federal Hiring and Ethics Laws

The Democratic presidential contender pledges to use executive branch experience to rebuild the civil service.

Good Government Groups Push for Nonpartisan Panel to Find FEC Commissioners 

They wrote to the White House and Senate leadership on Monday urging the speedy restoration of a quorum and then a panel to help fill the remaining seats.

Soleimani Strike Splits 2020 Democrats

It also opens up a key weakness for frontrunner Joe Biden.

New Funding for Election Security Assistance Doesn’t Go Far Enough, Experts Say

Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Congress appropriated $425 million for states to help secure election infrastructure.

Buttigieg's Consulting Career Included Work on a Report Suggesting USPS Slash Career Workforce

Presidential candidate says he only helped the Postal Service generate ideas for new revenue streams.

Presidential Candidate Klobuchar Would Reform Election-Related Agencies

The Democratic senator and 2020 contender has been an election reform advocate in Congress and the few times the topic has come up during the primary debates.

Special Counsel: Fed Gave Unauthorized Tour to Political Candidate

"The employee unilaterally used her official authority to further a political campaign," Hatch Act complaint says. 

Viewpoint: Voters Deserve to Know How the 2020 Candidates Would Really Govern

Presidents can’t wave a magic wand and make single-payer insurance happen.

Election Commission Needs More Authority In Face of 2020 Threats, Report Finds

“The federal government regulates colored pencils . . . more strictly than it does America’s election infrastructure,” the nonpartisan Brennan Center notes.

Bernie Sanders Announces Plans to Break Up Homeland Security Dept. and Expand VA

DHS is an aimless "bureaucratic behemoth," Sanders says, while VA is on a path toward privatization.