GovExec Daily: Election Security as November Approaches

The Alliance for Securing Democracy's David Levine spoke to the podcast about how to keep voters – and votes – safe at the polls.

Election Experts Warn of November Disaster

"The coronavirus has really laid bare the cracks in our system."

GovExec Daily: The FEC Loses Its Quorum

Courtney Bublé joins the show to examine how the Federal Elections Commission can go forward with only three commissioners.

The Marijuana Superweapon Biden Refuses to Use

Legalizing marijuana is extremely popular. So why won’t Joe Biden embrace the idea?

The Nation’s Campaign Finance Watchdog Will Once Again Be Rendered Toothless 

Without a quorum, the Federal Election Commission can’t carry out its key duties as elections near. 

GovExec Daily: Security and the November Election

Mark Testoni, CEO of SAP National Security Services, joins the podcast to discuss how government can thwart threats to the upcoming election.

Analysis: The Postal Service Is Steadily Getting Worse — Can It Handle a National Mail-In Election?

Postal delays and mistakes have marred primary voting, and after years of budget cuts and plant closures, mail delivery has slowed so much that ballot deadlines in many states are no longer realistic.

Election Assistance Commission Regains Permanent Leaders In Top Positions

After nearly eight months, the agency now has a permanent executive director and general counsel.

19 Facts About The 19th Amendment On Its 100th Anniversary

Women's historic struggles to vote continue to resonate as the country debates who should vote and how.

GovExec Daily: Mail-In Voting During the Coronavirus

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss how the 2020 elections will be affected by the pandemic.

Finally With a Quorum, Federal Election Commission Faces ‘Extensive Backlog of Cases’

The nation’s campaign finance watchdog gets back to work after being hamstrung the last eight and a half months.

Good Government Groups Are Skeptical of Republican FEC Nominee

A Senate committee voted along party lines to advance the nomination of Trey Trainor to the agency that enforces campaign finance laws.

For Biden, Naming Cabinet Before Election Would Be a Big Risk

Vice presidential picks don't have much direct effect on campaigns, but can give voters insight on a candidate's judgment and leadership ability. Early Cabinet selections are likely to be similar.

Trump Denigrates Vote By Mail, But Troops Have Been Doing It For Decades

“Fraud is extremely rare in mail voting” says one expert, noting there are a number of security features associated with such ballots.

Who Has Emergency Authority Over Elections? Nobody’s Quite Sure.

The tug of war over whether and how to hold Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary exposes a national problem: State and local officials with the most experience running elections lack the power to revamp or postpone voting during a crisis.

Voting by Mail Would Reduce Coronavirus Transmission but It Has Other Risks

As COVID-19 spreads, many are proposing to hold the November election by mail. Without careful preparation, though, the transition could run into logistical problems and provide opportunities for voter fraud.