Buttigieg's Consulting Career Included Work on a Report Suggesting USPS Slash Career Workforce

Presidential candidate says he only helped the Postal Service generate ideas for new revenue streams.

Presidential Candidate Klobuchar Would Reform Election-Related Agencies

The Democratic senator and 2020 contender has been an election reform advocate in Congress and the few times the topic has come up during the primary debates.

Special Counsel: Fed Gave Unauthorized Tour to Political Candidate

"The employee unilaterally used her official authority to further a political campaign," Hatch Act complaint says. 

Viewpoint: Voters Deserve to Know How the 2020 Candidates Would Really Govern

Presidents can’t wave a magic wand and make single-payer insurance happen.

Election Commission Needs More Authority In Face of 2020 Threats, Report Finds

“The federal government regulates colored pencils . . . more strictly than it does America’s election infrastructure,” the nonpartisan Brennan Center notes.

Bernie Sanders Announces Plans to Break Up Homeland Security Dept. and Expand VA

DHS is an aimless "bureaucratic behemoth," Sanders says, while VA is on a path toward privatization.

Election Oversight Agencies Struggle With Vacancies and Infighting

Commissions responsible for ensuring secure and fair elections are plagued with internal problems.

Meet the Former OPM and Defense Department Employee Running for President

J.J. Walcutt says she had to step out of the shadows of government in order to elevate those still obscured by them.

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Election Assistance Agency Loses Its Top Leaders 

The bipartisan and independent agency also faces pushback from advocacy organizations and potential funding shortages.

Report: Executive Branch Should Establish an Interagency Task Force to Combat Foreign Election Inference

Bipartisan Senate report recommends a media literacy initiative and a system for alerting people targeted with disinformation.

Federal Election Commission Faces Growing Backlog in Enforcement Docket

A long-standing problem is exacerbated by the FEC’s recent loss of a quorum.

Warren Promises to Pay Federal Employees During Shutdowns If She Becomes President

Democratic candidate's plan also calls for reversing President Trump’s executive orders "attacking" the federal workforce.

In Act of Defiance, FEC Chair Tweets Memo on Foreign Election Interference Over GOP Commissioner's Objections

Chairwoman Weintraub said a Republican commissioner last week blocked publication of the guidance in a weekly digest of FEC activities.

Senate’s Election Security Funding Bill Leaves a Key Agency Strapped for Cash

The Election Assistance Commission has struggled with insufficient staff and resources.