Democrats Battle Over the Past and Present of Immigration

The 2020 presidential candidates know they’re against Donald Trump, but they are sharply divided over what kind of enforcement should be used at the border.

One Theme Unites 2020 Dems: Rein in President’s War Powers

Many voted to repeal the old AUMFs; Buttigieg proposes a 3-year sunset.

Play of the Day: Joe Biden Does Not Have a Command of the World Wide Web

The former veep had some trouble with his site name. Or maybe it's the name of his rocket ship.

The Promise Presidential Candidates Never Make Good On

Most Democrats want to end the war in Afghanistan, but the next president will have to weigh the trade-off between a responsibility to the American public and what the U.S. owes a country it invaded and promised to rebuild.

Analysis: How Did The Presidential Campaign Get To Be So Long?

While other countries set strict limits on the length of campaigns, American presidential races have become drawn-out, years-long affairs. It wasn’t always this way.

Federal Election Agency, Hungry for Funds, Now Pays for Officials to Get to Office

Congressional overseers raise concerns as the Election Assistance Commission picks up the tab for commissioners commuting to work from out of state.

Presidential Hopeful Vows to Double the Number of Career Diplomats at State

Democratic candidate would create new recruiting pipelines and pay structures to boost workforce.

Democrats Couldn’t Agree on Top National-Security Threats

The candidates’ different answers reflect the Democratic Party’s deeper divisions on foreign policy.

The Most Unrealistic Proposal in the Democratic Presidential Primary

Michael Bennet and Elizabeth Warren want members of Congress to ban themselves from ever lobbying after they leave office. Here’s why it’ll never happen.

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Six White House Employees Violated Hatch Act With MAGA Tweets

Special Counsel absolves four others, including Mick Mulvaney and Sarah Sanders.

Flying Trump To Midterm Rallies To Stump For Republicans Cost Taxpayers Millions

Trump criticized Air Force One travel to campaign stops when Obama was in office.

Marijuana Expands Into 3 More States, But Nationwide Legalization Still Unlikely

Quietly, however, the Trump administration has sought public comments on reclassifying marijuana.

The Republican Space Fans Exiting the House

The next Congress will be missing a few longtime advocates of exploration.

What the Midterms Mean for National Security

House Democrats are poised to boost oversight of the Pentagon — and its commander-in-chief.

Analysis: Oversight Is the Biggest Winner of the Midterm Elections

The Democratic victory in the House provides an opportunity to drain the swamp, after two years of willful Republican cover for dodgy behavior.

Play of the Day: Midterm Madness

No one really knows what to make of the results.