Disaster Management

FAA Suggests Steps to Improve Aviation Safety in Alaska. Some Experts Say They’re Not Enough.

In a recently released report, the FAA recommended safety measures to address Alaska’s high share of aircraft accidents. The report, which contains few new initiatives or calls for funding, falls short of what’s needed, according to experts.

FEMA's Deanne Criswell Talks Following Your Gut and the Agency’s Focus on Equity in Disaster Response

The first woman in the agency’s top job said FEMA has to make sure it’s helping those who face barriers navigate bureaucracy.

COVID Hits Wildfire Fighters Even Harder Than Last Year

At least 421 U.S. Forest Service fire personnel tested positive for COVID-19 this year.

HUD Cuts ‘Red Tape’ for Hurricane Ida Victims

Department announces a package of 27 administrative and regulatory waivers.

Why People Resist Disaster Preparedness Spending

Some people may oppose disaster preparedness spending because it "only seems worthwhile to those personally affected by extreme weather events."

California, Louisiana Receive Outside Help to Support Natural Disaster Response

Both states have units deployed that would otherwise be helping in their efforts.

OPM Issues Guidance on Weather Leave in Age of Telework, Disasters

As the remnants of Hurricane Ida created disruptions throughout the eastern United States, the Office of Personnel Management highlighted how workplace flexibilities can mesh with the federal government’s current maximum telework posture.

FEMA and Other Federal Agencies Respond to Storm Henri 

The emergency assistance agency is also helping Tennessee following the massive floods. 

Analysis: As Colorado River Basin States Confront Water Shortages, It’s Time to Focus on Reducing Demand

A long-expected federal drought declaration underlines how serious the Colorado River water shortage has become for Western states.

Senate-Approved Infrastructure Bill Would Raise Wildland Firefighter Pay

The bill also would increase the number of full-time federal firefighters.

GovExec Daily: How to Budget for the Next Pandemic

Former OMB official Doug Criscitello joins the podcast to discuss how government can prepare for catastrophe.

One Year In: How COVID-19's Toll Compares With Other Causes of Death

COVID-19 has become the country’s third-leading cause of death, and isn’t far behind cancer.

Texas National Guard Deployed to Get COVID-19 Vaccines to Older Texans Who Are Homebound

Gov. Greg Abbott said he wants the majority of Texans who are 65 and older to be inoculated against COVID-19 by the end of March. He said the state could announce more eligibility for the vaccines next month.

Watchdog Finds ‘Minimal Oversight’ of Program to Help Workers Who Lose Their Jobs Following Disasters

IG proposes improvements based on a Labor Department agency’s response to 2017 hurricanes and wildfires.

Viewpoint: As Wildfires Burn, Assigning Blame Is Complicated

Climate change has made environmental catastrophes more frequent and severe. But government missteps are also at fault.

Hurricanes and Wildfires Are Colliding with the COVID-19 Pandemic – and Compounding the Risks

Disaster preparation and evacuation procedures weren't made for social distancing. The pandemic means response decisions are now fraught with contradictions.

Millions of Homeowners Who Need Flood Insurance Don’t Know It — Thanks to FEMA

It is FEMA’s job to warn homeowners about major flood risks, but its approach is notoriously limited. In Cook County alone, researchers found about six times as many properties in danger as FEMA estimated. Look up your address with a new tool.