Senators are pushing for a $300M boost to the Technology Modernization Fund

Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are urging appropriators to back a Biden administration request to add $300 million to the TMF.

The Coast Guard Graduates its First Class of Cyber Majors

A "handful" of newly minted cyber specialists will go to the Coast Guard’s Cyber Command headquarters for their initial assignment, the service's chief told Congress last week.

The Navy Needs to Do a Better Job Finding the Right Job for Its Cyber Specialists, Officials Say

Adm. Michael Gilday, the chief of naval operations, told the House Armed Services Committee the Navy has struggled with matching cyber talent with teams.

New Cybersecurity Bill Authorizes DHS to Ramp up Incident Response Efforts Nationwide

The National Cybersecurity Preparedness Consortium Act gives the Department of Homeland Security a range of opportunities to bolster cybersecurity preparedness at the state and local level, including technical assistance services.

OPM Unveils a New Toolkit for Agencies to Hire Cyber Talent

A new resource hub from the Office of Personnel Management outlines what benefits agencies might be able to offer to fill cyber positions.

Jury: Former DHS Watchdog Official Stole Software, Employees’ Personal Info

The verdict is in for the last holdout in a scandalous scheme to defraud the government.

Solarium Co-chairs Urge the White House to Maintain Trump-era Cyber Authorities

Lawmakers expressed concern that rolling back the authorities from a 2018 presidential memorandum would jeopardize national security efforts.

Inglis Says He Won't 'Dictate' Cyber Workforce Policy

National Cyber Director Chris Inglis said that part of his job in the cybersecurity workforce arena will be ensuring that the roles of different agencies are coordinated.

Air Force Software Factory Looks to Unleash 'Chaos' on Civilian IT Shops

The Kessel Run group is currently developing a playbook that would make it easier for organizations across the federal government to adopt engineering and security best practices.

Data and the Cyber Workforce

The co-chairs of a congressionally mandated report on the cybersecurity workforce say that a new office or bureau should be charged with compiling more granular data on the state of cyber employment.

How Much Damage Could a Russian Cyberattack Do in the U.S?

Russian information warriors have the capacity to damage critical infrastructure systems.

Ukraine Conflict Brings Cybersecurity Risks to U.S. Homes, Businesses

Russia’s cyberattack capabilities can be applied to U.S. targets, including regular Americans’ homes and businesses.

More Cyber Attacks Disable Ukrainian Websites

Wednesday’s denial-of-service attacks on government, financial sites resemble earlier ones attributed to Russia.

Agencies Need to Measure Improvements to Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, Report Says

Federal agencies tasked with critical infrastructure risk management aren't measuring improvements made by the adoption of new guidelines, according to a watchdog report.

GovExec Daily: Securing FEMA Networks

Dr. Gregory Edwards, FEMA’s Chief Information Security Officer, joins the podcast to discuss innovation and technology at his agency.

The Defense Health Record System Still Faces Cyber and Training Issues

The annual report from the Office of the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation at the Department of Defense finds some improvement but ongoing issues with MHS Genesis.

Defense Researchers Lack Consistent Cybersecurity Safeguards, IG Finds

Without an enforceable singular cybersecurity standard, research and academic institutions that develop military technology for the Pentagon could be at increased risk.