NATO Getting More Aggressive on Offensive Cyber

Secretary General Stoltenberg says NATO pushes limits of what the alliance can do in cyberspace.

GAO: GSA Must Do More on Property Management, Cybersecurity

A federal watchdog agency’s reminder on outstanding recommendations comes as the Trump administration pushes for the agency to take on new responsibilities.

Agencies Ramp Up Classified Plans to Protect 2020 Elections

Homeland Security and Justice deliver review of meddling during 2018.

Swamped By Cyberthreats, Citizens Need Government Protection

Governments can help citizens protect their own cybersecurity by providing practical advice and meaningful support.

FBI and Intel Community Release Framework to Thwart Insider Threats

Among 19 elements is the creation of a new career path for federal employees.


Is it time for us to retire an overused expression?

INTELLIGENCE FILE Dodging the Budget Ax

The intelligence community is bracing for spending cuts.

ANALYSIS:Intelligence File Quiet on Drones

Pressure is building for President Obama to rein in one of the CIA’s favorite weapons.

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Contractors are here to stay. So, train federal employees how to manage them better.

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Surveillance laws should focus on how agencies use information, not how they collect it.

ANALYSIS:Intelligence File Afghanistan’s Spy Surge

A new war effort will stress the intelligence community.

ANALYSIS:Intelligence File Privacy’s Long Shadow

Intelligence agencies face a skeptical public as they carry out a vital mission.

ADVICE+DISSENT:Intelligence File Creaky Collaboration

Concerns about information sharing persist, and they’re dividing the intelligence community.

ADVICE+DISSENT:Intelligence File Lost Generation

Young CIA employees learn a lesson about scandal.

ADVICE+DISSENT:Intelligence File The Real Cyber Czar

A formidable intelligence chief, not a White House staffer, will run network security.

ADVICE+DISSENT:Intelligence File Paper Chief?

DNI Dennis Blair has been challenged by his workforce.