Trump Fires Intel IG, Taps White House Confidant for Pandemic Oversight Role

The president’s moves late Friday night underscore the vital role inspectors general play as agencies grapple with pandemic response and unprecedented federal spending.

COVID-19 Could Lead to An Epidemic of Clinical Depression

Stress, loss, loneliness and isolation are key factors in clinical depression, which affects millions. The U.S was unprepared for COVID-19 – will it remain unprepared for its medical aftermath?

Social Distancing Is Hard When You Live With Roommates

No one answers a Craigslist ad for housemates expecting to end up quarantined with those people.

SBA Experiences Chaotic Rollout to 'Unprecedented' Stimulus Program

Lawmakers on both sides and business owners alike criticized the Trump administration for a rocky implementation of a new paycheck protection program.

Defense Employees Report Poor Coronavirus Response at Two Facilities

Union officials said a naval base in Naples, Italy, has resisted calls to suspend nonessential services, while an OSHA complaint contends a Virginia facility failed to respond to an employee’s positive COVID-19 test.

Trump Administration Draws Fire for New Description of National Stockpile

The changed website language reflects controversial comments by Jared Kushner that downplayed the federal role.

Coronavirus Roundup: Lawmakers Seek Protections for Military Families, National Service Participants 

There's a lot to keep track of. Here’s today’s list of news updates and stories you may have missed.

No, Mr. President, You Can’t Be the Oversight

Trump’s signing statement attempts to preclude the special inspector general for pandemic recovery from reporting directly to Congress, which is anathema to the role of an IG.

Aircraft Carrier Captain Fired For ‘Poor Judgement’ In Sending Coronavirus Letter

Acting Secretary Modly’s Thursday decision to sack the skipper of Theodore Roosevelt was quickly criticized as retaliation for embarrassing Navy leaders.

4 Weird Things that Happen When You Videoconference

An educational technology scholar illuminates some of odd feelings people experience when they communicate through cameras on the web.

GovExec Daily: Pivoting to Virtual Work Environments

Jacquelyn Phillips had to change a 90-person meeting from an in-person event to a virtual one. She joins the podcast to explain how she did it and how she continues to lead staff remotely during the pandemic.

Thousands of Federal Employees Have Contracted COVID-19

Many more are quarantined due to possible exposure as employees are on the frontlines fighting the coronavirus and providing essential services.

Where’s the Money? Keep an Eye on the CARES Act

With the passage of the $2.3 trillion economic relief bill, things are happening at breakneck speed.

Coronavirus Roundup: IRS Will Automatically Send Checks to Social Security Recipients

There's a lot to keep track of. Here’s today’s list of news updates and stories you may have missed.

Implementing the 2020 Stimulus: Lessons From the 2009 Recovery Act

The new loan initiative could overwhelm the Small Business Administration’s staff and is likely to be a high-risk area for implementation bottlenecks and confusion.

Viewpoint: Authoritarian Populists Have Six Classic Moves. Trump's Response to COVID-19 Uses 5 of Them.

While the president may not be using the coronavirus to consolidate power, Americans should still be worried about the threat he poses to democracy.