It’s Impossible to Determine Your Personal COVID-19 Risks and Frustrating to Try – but You Can Still Take Action

People want a simple answer. Is this action safe? But despite Anthony Fauci bouncing responsibility for COVID-19 risk assessment to individuals, your risk can’t be boiled down to one probability.

GovExec Daily: Lessons Learned from the Homeland Security Vaccine Rollout

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss how DHS got its workforce vaccinated.

States Have Yet to Spend Hundreds of Millions of Federal Dollars to Tackle COVID Health Disparities

A year ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded states and local health departments $2.25 billion to help people of color and other populations at higher risk from COVID. But a KHN review shows public health agencies across the country have been slow to spend it.

The Plot to Keep Meatpacking Plants Open During COVID-19

Newly released documents reveal that the meatpacking industry’s callousness toward the health of its workers and its influence over the Trump administration were far greater than previously known.

Here Are Some Lessons from Homeland Security’s Early COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign 

Issues early on hampered DHS meeting its vaccination goals, but then vaccinations became widely available. 

Why Won’t More Older Americans Get Their COVID Booster?

Approximately 1 in 3 Americans 65 and older who completed their initial vaccination round still have not received a first booster shot. The numbers dismay researchers, who say the lag has cost tens of thousands of lives.

Sweeping, Limited, or No Powers at All? What’s at Stake in the Mask Mandate Appeal

Dictionaries, public comments, and even an old court case that involved underwear pricing could play a role as the government appeals a ruling that sharply limits federal authority during pandemics.

EEOC Union Decries Agency’s Unilateral Decision to Return to Office

The American Federation of Government Employees Council 216 has filed an unfair labor practice complaint, alleging the agency bypassed ongoing negotiations over the return to traditional work sites and engaging in “surface-level” bargaining.

As Turnover Soars, Most VA Employees Say They Were Not Emotionally Supported During the Pandemic

Front-line staff were largely unaware of VA's offerings to support employee well-being, new survey finds.

A Guide to Help You Keep Up With the Omicron Subvariants

How different are the seemingly endless stream of emerging omicron subvariants from one another and how protected are we?

Coronavirus Roundup: The FDA Limits Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Authorization 

There’s a lot to keep track of. Here’s a list of this week’s news updates and stories you may have missed.

Coronavirus Roundup: A Watchdog Highlights Concerns of Payment Integrity in COVID Funds 

There’s a lot to keep track of. Here’s a list of this week’s news updates and stories you may have missed.

Federal Employees Are Growing Less Engaged and Less Satisfied With Their Jobs

Response rates for the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey also fell 10 points from 2020, amid an abbreviated fall survey period due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments on whether Biden Can Toss Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Policy

The Biden administration had ended the policy that forced 70,000 migrants to wait in Mexico. But a federal judge in Texas forced the administration to restart the program in December.