Coronavirus Roundup: National Guard Deployments Extended With Funding Cuts; NIH Begins Antibody Clinical Trial

There's a lot to keep track of. Here’s today’s list of news updates and stories you may have missed.

The Coronavirus Is Never Going Away

No matter what happens now, the virus will continue to circulate around the world.

Video: Who Controls Pandemic Data?

A White House decision to take over collection of COVID-19 data from the CDC sparked worries over political interference. A public data expert talks about the importance of transparent public data.

GovExec Daily: The CDC's Role in the Pandemic Response

Courtney Bublé joined the podcast to talk about her interview with former agency chief Tom Frieden.

How the 2020 Election Could Go Wrong

A war-game exercise simulating the 2020 election unmasked some key vulnerabilities.

As Rich People Locked Down for COVID-19, the Poor Moved More

Money is a determining factor in how well people can engage in social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, new research confirms.

GovExec Daily: Supporting Women Employees During the Quarantine

Executive coach Susan Hodgkinson joins the podcast to discuss how organizations can better back up their employees during the pandemic.

Federal Officials Point to Underfunding, Lockdown Avoidance for Coronavirus Failings

Anthony Fauci and other agency leaders push back on allegations the federal government hasn’t done enough to confront the pandemic.

Expert: We Need To Prep For COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Now

Before we have a COVID-19 vaccine, it's vital to think about how to get it out to the maximum number of people, an expert argues.

USPS Denies It's Giving the Trump Administration Undue Influence

Postal Service stresses its independence as lawmakers say the administration is "inappropriately insert[ing]" itself into the agency's operations.

Democratic Senators Introduce Bill to Include Feds in Coronavirus Response Decisions

A task force of administration and union officials would make recommendations for how agencies should protect workers during the pandemic.

CDC ‘Should Be Leading the Way’ in Pandemic Decisions, Says Former Director

Dr. Tom Frieden speaks about the recent switch from CDC to HHS collecting coronavirus data. 

Boeing’s Coronavirus Losses Now Bleeding Into Its Defense Accounts

More layoffs, production slowdowns and factory closures are being considered, executives said.

GovExec Daily: Election Security as November Approaches

The Alliance for Securing Democracy's David Levine spoke to the podcast about how to keep voters – and votes – safe at the polls.