CDC Shut Down a Lab Involved in Making Faulty Coronavirus Tests

A CDC lab involved in making faulty coronavirus tests sent to state and local officials early in the pandemic was closed down hours after an October investigation by ProPublica exposed key mistakes the CDC made in manufacturing those tests.

Social Security Unions Urge Biden to Oust Agency Leadership on Day One

Although most political appointees are expected to resign ahead of the president-elect’s inauguration next week, the two top employees at the Social Security Administration have terms that run until 2025.

SBA Relaunches COVID Loan Program As Watchdog Warns About Possible Fraud 

The recent COVID relief package included funding for a third round of the program, which has come under much scrutiny. 

Our Next Supply Chain Nightmare in the COVID-19 Response

As much as 90% of the medical glass needed for vaccine vials is made overseas.

What Is a Margin of Error? This Statistical Tool Can Help You Understand Vaccine Trials and Political Polling

Whether you are predicting the outcome of an election or studying how effective a new drug is, there will always be some uncertainty. A margin of error is how statisticians measure that uncertainty.

The Next Phase of Vaccination Will Be Even Harder

Getting vaccines to hospitals and nursing homes was supposed to be the easy part.

Analysis: Some Said the Vaccine Rollout Would Be a ‘Nightmare.’ They Were Right.

There are already signs that distribution of the COVID vaccines will be messy, confusing and chaotic.

GovExec Daily: Agencies' Vaccination Progress

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss Defense, VA and other departments are progressing in inoculating people.

OPM Issues Guidance on Law Allowing Feds to Temporarily Carry Over More Annual Leave

The 2021 National Defense Authorization Act allows all federal employees to carry over an additional 25% of unused leave due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

GovExec Daily: Native Communities, the Federal Government and the Pandemic

Northern Arizona University professors Dr. Lisa Hardy and Dr. Kerry Thompson join the podcast to discuss how tribal governments are handling the COVID-19 crisis.

Federal Agencies Have Distributed 200K Coronavirus Vaccine Doses So Far

Four agencies have provided the shots from their own distributions, but this only represents a fraction of the doses the agencies received.

Correcting Corrections: Lessons for Prisons and Jails in a Post-COVID World

Not only are incarcerated people getting infected and dying at unprecedented rates, but so are the people who work in these facilities.

How Will People Actually Get COVID-19 Vaccines?

With COVID-19 vaccine distribution underway, how will people get them and what are the potential distribution pitfalls? An expert breaks down the logistics.

Where Year Two of the Pandemic Will Take Us

As vaccines roll out, the U.S. will face a choice about what to learn and what to forget.

The World That COVID Made: What Should American Foreign Policy Do?

The pandemic reminds us that "American leadership" is not a trite euphemism. It is arguably the single most important factor in whether the arc of history bends toward something better or something worse.

Report: Pandemic Likely to Dominate Federal Contracting in Fiscal 2021

Bloomberg Government predicted spending to be high on vaccines, telework and digital services.