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Request an invitation to Nextgov Prime.

Are you looking for a cure for the post-shutdown blues? There's no better place for you to jump-start your outlook, and your career, than at Nextgov Prime at the Ronald Reagan building in Washington on Nov. 20-21.

At the event, which focuses on the intersection of innovation, government and information technology, you'll be able to see the finalists for Nextgov's Bold Awards, 19 federal employees (in some cases, teams of employees) selected from nearly 200 nominees who exemplify creative problem-solving, technical acumen, ambition and persistence. The winners of the Bold Awards will be announced at the event.

And that's just the beginning: You'll also be able hear from high-ranking federal officials and expert observers in a series of general sessions and breakouts on subjects ranging from open data to agile government. And you'll be able to network with hundreds of your colleagues from other agencies. 

If that's not enough to convince you, here are several more reasons to attend Nextgov Prime, courtesy of the Nextgov team. 

Oh, and there's this: It's free. But you have to request an invitation, and there are a limited number of them available. 

Click here for more information and to request an invitation to Nextgov Prime