EPA teams up on New Orleans e-recycling day

Consumers can drop off electronic equipment destroyed by Hurricane Katrina for proper disposal.

The Environmental Protection Agency has teamed up with Dell Inc. and Louisiana's Environmental Quality Department to hold an e-waste drop-off day this Saturday in New Orleans to collect electronic equipment that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Consumers can drop off unwanted computer equipment, televisions, VCRs, digital videodisc players, radios and other electronic devices as part of a region-wide clean up effort.

The e-waste will be separated into basic components of metals, plastics and glass, and properly disposed, an EPA spokeswoman said. This will be the first of many similar drop-off events to be held in the region, she added.

The National Recycling Coalition, Jefferson Parish and the town of Kenner, La., also are members of the partnership. Consumers can drop-off their equipment at the Pontchartrain Center, a convention facility in Kenner, near New Orleans.