Meet the CIOs: AID

Independent Agencies

AID: Larry Byrne

Larry Byrne

Agency for International Development
320 21 St. N.W. #3942
Washington, D.C. 20523
Phone: 202-647-8646
Fax: 202-736-4147

Career Highlights:

1993-Present: USAID assistant administrator for management
1983-93: National practice director for the Hay Group, a consulting firm in Washington, D.C.
1981-83: Director of personnel evaluation at Energy Department

IT Budget (fiscal years):
1996: $36.8 million
1997: $42.4 million
1998: $38.0 million (est.)

Priority Project:

  • New Management Systems - suite of integrated corporate computing systems supporting accounting, procurement, budgeting, human resources and property management.

Biggest Challenges:

"Implementation of a cross-organizational information system to support reengineered work processes. The challenge is due not only to the complexity of the system, but the training and implementation of a new way of doing business."

Management Approach:

"We are currently working on developing capital-investment management and performance-measurement programs for information technology projects."

On CIOs:

"CIOs need to demonstrate clearly to senior management the value that IT can add to an agency."

Hottest Technologies:

"The Internet and intranets are especially important to agencies who are geographically dispersed because they enable people to exchange information quickly and relatively inexpensively. The emergence of the new Unix server firewall security technology is crucial in the strategy of implementing Internet technology. And data warehousing tools provide access to valuable information."

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