Securing the Hybrid Office: Mitigating Hidden Network Risks

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This summer, the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General released an eye-opening report warning services about a new threat to printing. The report examined additive manufacturing systems, but the concerns it raised are not unique to 3D printing alone. PCs, laptops, and mobile devices get most of the attention during endpoint security discussions, but others -- like printers -- are just as important. Too many organizations do not properly address printers when discussing security strategies, but if left unsecured they present an enticing opportunity for hackers to attack networks and steal valuable information. During this webcast, presented by HP, we’ll discuss why it’s so crucial to include oft-neglected devices in holistic risk assessments. We’ll also explore mitigation efforts at FedCiv agencies and talk about how to enact a comprehensive security plan that includes protection of the network as a whole -- on site or in work-from-home environments.

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