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TSP Funds Continue Strong Performance in April

All of the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program’s portfolios finished last month in the black.

The federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program had its first completely positive monthly returns report of 2021 in April, with each of its portfolios growing last month.

The common stocks of the Thrift Savings Plan’s C Fund boasted the strongest performance, gaining 5.33% in April. So far this year, the C Fund has grown 11.83%. The small- and mid-size businesses of the S Fund were a close second, increasing 4.23% last month, bringing its 2021 gains to 12.34%.

The international (I) fund increased 3.09% in April, bringing its gains since January to 6.73%. And the fixed income (F) fund increased 0.82% last month. Despite those gains, the F Fund remains 2.55% underwater so far in 2021.

The G Fund, which is made up of government securities, increased 0.13% last month. So far this year, it has grown 0.40%.

All of the TSP’s lifecycle (L) funds, which shift to more stable investments as participants get closer to retirement, posted gains last month. The L Income Fund, for people who already have begun making withdrawals, grew 1.14%; L 2025, 2.15%; L 2030, 2.74%; L 2035, 2.99%; L 2040, 3.24%; L 2045, 3.45%; L 2050, 3.66%; L 2055, 4.35%; L 2060, 4.35%; and L 2065, 4.35%.

So far this year, the L Income Fund has increased 2.39%; L 2025, 4.76%; L 2030, 6.01%; L 2035, 6.56%; L 2040, 7.12%; L 2045, 7.60%; L 2050, 8.10%; L 2055, 10.05%; L 2060, 10.05%; and L 2065, 10.05%.

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