Federal Employee Retirement Funds Finish 2016 Strong

All of the investment options in the TSP were in the black for December.

All of the funds in the federal employee retirement savings plan ended 2016 in the black, with some boasting double digit growth for the year.

The Thrift Savings Plan’s S Fund, invested in small and midsize companies, gained 1.81 percent in December and was up 16.35 percent in 2016. That made it the highest earner last year.

The common stocks in the C Fund gained 1.98 percent in December. The fund came in second for the year, at 12.01 percent.

The international stocks in the I Fund boasted the highest returns for last month, at 3.44 percent. But the I Fund gained a modest 2.1 percent for 2016.

The more stable government securities (G) fund gained 0.2 percent in December and 1.82 percent for 2016. Fixed income bonds in the F Fund grew the least last month, at 0.16 percent. They were up 2.91 percent for the year, however.

The lifecycle (L) funds, which move participants to a more conservative portfolio as they near retirement, all ended December in the black as well. L Income, for people who have already started withdrawing funds, was up 0.64 percent last month. L 2020 gained 1.13 percent; L 2030, 1.59 percent; L 2040, 1.82 percent; and L 2050, 2.04 percent.

The L Funds also finished 2016 with solid gains. L Income was up 3.58 percent for the year; L 2020, 5.47 percent; L 2030, 7.07 percent; L 2040, 7.9 percent; and L 2050, 8.65 percent.