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USPS Ends Pay Freeze for Nonunion Employees

1 percent pay raise will apply mostly to supervisors and managers.

The Postal Service has ended a pay freeze for nonbargaining employees, giving them a 1 percent raise.

The raise, which will go to supervisory, managerial, postmaster and all workers outside any collective bargaining agreement, will go into effect Saturday. Those workers have endured a three-year-pay freeze.

The affected employees “have contributed to the Postal Service’s success during these difficult times,” Doug Tulino, USPS’ vice president for labor relations, wrote in a letter to the National Association of Postal Supervisors. “In recognition of their efforts, nonbargaining employees will receive a 1 percent salary increase.”

The Postal Service will also lift a suspension of its award program for nonunion workers, which has been in place since 2011. The program’s reinstatement will “provide managers the opportunity to recognize employees for exceptional performance in [fiscal 2014].”

Many of the nonbargaining employees are heads of post offices or postmasters, or have other supervisory positions, and will now once again benefit from pay-for-performance bonuses.

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