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TSP Funds Back in the Black in July

Plan bounced back after performing poorly in June.

The Thrift Savings Plan rebounded with strong numbers in July after a mostly down month in June.

Every fund showed gains last month, while every offering except the G Fund was in the red in June. The S Fund -- which is invested in small and midsize companies and tracks the Down Jones Wilshire 4500 Index -- was the top performer in July, gaining 6.88 percent. It is also the strongest performer so far in 2013 -- rising 23.72 percent  -- and over the last 12 months, having gained more than 35 percent.

International stocks, which saw the largest turnaround in its first positive month since April, were up 5.29 percent in July. The I fund has gained 24.5 percent over the last year.

The C Fund, invested in common stocks, also had a strong July, rising 5.1 percent in the month. It has been the second strongest performer over the last year, gaining nearly 25 percent.

TSP’s fixed income fund showed the slowest growth in June, gaining just 0.13 percent. The F Fund is TSP’s only offering in the red over the last 12 months, having dipped 1.71 percent. Federal employees shifted more than $1 billion out of the F Fund in June.

The plan’s investments in government securities also had small gains. The G Fund rose 0.18 percent for the month and just 1.5 percent in the last year.

The lifecycle funds, designed to move investors to less risky portfolios as they near retirement, also rebounded in July after experiencing losses in June. L Income -- for TSP participants who have already started withdrawing money -- earned 1.21 percent in July; L 2020 increased 2.95 percent; L 2030 was up 3.72 percent; L 2040 grew 4.29 percent; and L 2050 came in at 4.83 percent.

Lifecycle investments have performed well for the past 12 months, with L Income gaining 5.97 percent, L 2020 up 14.32 percent, L 2030 increasing 17.84 percent, L 2040 bringing in 20.58 percent and L 2050 at 23.27 percent.

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