Ric Francis/AP

GSA boosts mileage reimbursement rate

High gas prices spur agency to adjust 2012 rates.

The General Services Administration is increasing the 2012 mileage reimbursement rate for federal employees who use their private vehicles for work, according to the agency.

The rate for cars will be 55.5 cents per mile, an increase of 4.5 cents over the current rate. The government reimbursement rate for other modes of transportation also will rise slightly: $1.31 per mile for privately -owned airplanes; 23 cents per mile for government-owned vehicles and 52.5 cents per mile for motorcycles. The new rates take effect April 17.

“GSA determined these rates by studying various factors such as the cost of fuel, the depreciation of the original vehicles’ costs, maintenance and insurance,” the agency stated in a Federal Register notice.

The adjustment brings the 2012 government rates in line with the current Internal Revenue Service rates. GSA sets the government reimbursement figure and is not obligated to match the IRS’ rate.

In January, GSA announced that this year’s reimbursement rate for privately owned vehicles used on the job would remain at 2011 levels. The change is a response to the spike in gas prices nationwide during the past few months.