Burning Question: Should federal employees take a pay cut?

When a salary freeze just isn't good enough.

Given the country's economic situation and the high unemployment rate, it's hardly surprising that the issue of whether federal employees are overpaid just won't seem to go away.

Today on Forbes.com, columnists Brian S. Wesbury and Robert Stein up the ante, arguing that not only should civilian federal workers forego a pay increase this year, they should take a 10 percent across the board reduction in salary.

The writers acknowledge the move "would not save a great deal of money" -- about $15 billion a year. And even the estimated future savings of lowering the government's payroll, they note, are "a drop in the bucket when compared with the total of all of the federal government's unfunded liabilities."

Still, Wesbury and Stein argue -- as have so many before them -- that it's the symbolism that counts.

Cut Pay for Government Workers

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