Joyce N. Boghosian/White House

Play of the Day: More on Mulvaney's Press Conference

The White House official is walking back some things he said last week.

In a tweet over the weekend, President Donald Trump misnamed Defense Secretary Mark Esper as "Mark Esperanto," presumably because of an autocorrect error. Late Late Show's James Corden joked about the tweet, saying "Esperanto is a way cooler name," but also that "Trump took a second look at the name 'Esperanto' and immediately tried to deport" the Pentagon chief.

Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney spoke at the White House last week and told reporters that political interference in career feds' work is something "we do all the time" and told feds to "get over it." Late Night's Seth Meyers joked about the news, saying Mulvaney saying "get over it" is like a "cartoon mom on a funny y-shirt," while Conan O'Brien joked that Mulvaney is only "here for a couple of months, so I can get on Dancing with the Stars." Late Show's Stephn Colbert joked about Mulvaney saying that he never used the language "quid pro quo" last week, saying that a homicide conviction doesn't need someone saying "murder murder murder" while stabbing someone.

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