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Play of the Day: NASA Wants To Get Into The Advertising Business

The space agency might begin selling ads on its probes soon.

The Washington Post developed an online board game recently based on Education Department chief Betsy DeVos' time in her Cabinet position. The Tonight Show put together some more board games for the administration, including "Total Lack of Stratego" and "Chutes and Leakers."

NASA is looking into selling sponsorships for its space probes to raise revenue for the space agency. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah joked about the news, saying aliens are going to see the ads, come to Earth and say "Take me to your… Foot Locker." Late Show's Stephen Colbert also joked about the sponsorships, with his staff putting together a remixed moon landing clip wherein the astronauts talk about "gellin'" with a Dr. Scholls flag on the lunar surface.

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