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Play of the Day: Do Americans Need an ID to Buy Groceries?

The president misspoke at a rally, prompting a torrent of jokes.

President Donald Trump misspelled the word "smoking" in a since-deleted tweet randomly accusing 2016 rival Hillary Clinton of collusion with Russia during the campaign. Jimmy Kimmel joked about a "smocking gun" and demonstrated what it would do, while Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about other Trump misspelling, including saying that the Mueller investigation is a "Switch punt."

Trump held a rally in Florida on Tuesday and, during a run about the need for voter identification, he claimed that Americans need identification "when you want to buy groceries." Late Night's Seth Meyers and Full Frontal's Samantha Bee joked that Trump must have meant "go to a strip club" when he said "want to buy groceries," while Colbert joked that Trump wouldn't even know how to pay for his groceries properly.

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