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Play of the Day: A Second Meeting With Putin… In Washington

President Trump wants to talk to the Russian leader within a few weeks of the elections Russia is trying to hack.

This week, former White House spokesman Sean Spicer told Megyn Kelly that he believes President Donald Trump is a "truthful" person. Late Night's Seth Meyers joked about the news, saying Spicer continued by saying "he said he was going to fire my dumb ass and then he did."

The White House announced that it had invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to Washington for a second summit with Trump. Jimmy Kimmel joked that the second meeting will be like a "sequel to The Emoji Movie," while Late Show's Stephen Colbert said inviting Putin to the U.S. before the midterm elections Russia is actively hacking is like inviting Bill Cosby for a slumber party, Harvey Weinstein for a movie night and MS-13 to provide security.

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