Play of the Day: Kim and Trump Meet, Have Lunch and Take Photos

North Korean and American leaders held an historic summit in Singapore.

President Donald Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un on Tuesday morning in Singapore and signed an agreement to discuss denuclearization of the Korean peninsula at a later date. Trump even suggested that Kim could visit the White House, prompting late-night hosts to joke about the invitation. Conan O'Brien joked that Kim could visit Washington unless he "wins the NBA finals or the Super Bowl" and Jimmy Kimmel joked that Trump hasn't even invited the WNBA champs, who have killed zero people to Kim's many.

Trump also told photographers during his time at the summit to make sure he and Kim "look nice and handsome and thin and perfect," prompting a quizzical look from Kim. Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked that Kim was hoping "the translator got that wrong" and The Daily Show's Trevor Noah compared it to a scene out of The Office.

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