Play of the Day: Trump and Pence Portraits in Post Offices

A bill specifies that the photos need to be placed, but it does not specify the size of the portraits.

Last week, President Donald Trump greeted freed Americans held hostage in North Korea at 3 a.m. in the United States. In doing so, he also bragged about the middle-of-the-night ratings he got, prompting Fox News' Greg Gutfeld to joke that Trump "is always up for us" and saying that 2016 election loser Hillary Clinton would "already be out like a broken headlight" at 3 a.m.

Republican Rep. Dan Donovan introduced a bill last week that would require portraits of Trump and Vice President Pence to be hung in United States Post Office locations. Late Show's Stephen Colbert noted the news to his audience, joking that they won't be wanted portraits of the two. Donovan's bill does not have size requirements for the portraits, so Colbert also joked that the two could have a postal theme and be stamp-sized. He even joked about Trump's small portrait, saying "If you lick the back of the Trump stamp, he’ll pay you $130,000 to say you didn’t."

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