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Play of the Day: Trump's Staff Gives Him Notes in His Native Tongue

According to leaks coming out of the White House, the president's staff write him notes in all caps.

President Donald Trump is being sued by a few different women right now related to affairs, including an adult film actress, a reality TV star and a former Playboy model. Conan O'Brien joked about Trump's affairs and tied it Trump's Evangelical support in the 2016 election.

Reports this week said that, despite warnings from his staff in all caps that said "DO NOT CONGRATULATE," Trump congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin on his recent electoral victory in a phone call. O'Brien joked that Trump's wife gave him a note that said "DO NOT DIVORCE," while Jimmy Kimmel joked that the White House has so many leaks, it should be wearing adult diapers. Late Night's Seth Meyers noted that entirely capitalized note is something Trump might like, as all caps is his native language.

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