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Play of the Day: Trump Loves Norway

In a controversial week, the president dumped on developing nations and announced a fake plane sale. On the upside, he has warmed to one Scandinavian nation.

At an event with the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, President Donald Trump announced the sale of F-52 fighter jets to the Scandinavian country as part of a growing defense relationship between the nations. The problem is that Trump apparently misspoke, because the F-52 only exists in the Call of Duty video game series. Late Night's Seth Meyers and Late Show's Stephen Colbert both joked about the news, noting that Trump could also give war orders using blue shells in order to save Princess Peach, like in the Mario Kart series.

Trump is being criticized for comments he made during a bipartisan Oval Office meeting on immigration when he compared developing countries like Haiti and El Salvador to a toilet. Meyers joked that Trump may have been complimenting the nations, as Trump composes his best tweets in the bathroom, while Colbert noted that those places aren't so bad, considering Trump isn't their president.

During the Oval Office meeting, Trump noted that he wanted more immigrants to the U.S. who come from Norway, prompting hosts to note the racial makeup of those from Norway against those from Haiti, Africa or El Salvador. Colbert joked that it was a wink and a nudge situation, while Jimmy Kimmel noted that it had to be a coincidence because the alternative is worse. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah joked that Trump probably learned to love Norway because he talked to Solberg at the White House and replied "Wow!" when she told him that Norway has no black people.