Play of the Day: Trump, Television and Diet Coke

The president really likes to watch cable news and also drink soda.

President Donald Trump spoke in Florida over the weekend and compared his deregulation push to that of Abraham Lincoln's. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah joked about the speech, saying Trump comparing his record to Lincoln's deregulation record is akin to comparing someone their computer skills to Serene Williams': It's not what she's known for.

The New York Times published a lengthy story over the weekend on the day-to-day habits of Trump that included details like watching 4-8 hours of TV and drinking up to 12 Diet Cokes daily. Late Night's Seth Meyers joked that even Netflix checks on you when you watch three hours straight, while The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon compared Trump to a college student on winter break. The Opposition's Jordan Klepper showed a trash bag full of "144 ounces of president fuel" and Fallon showed what happens during each Diet Coke drank by Trump.