Play of the Day: Being Thankful for LaVar Ball and Donald Trump

America gets the feud it didn't know it needed.

Another accuser has come forward to say that Sen. Al Franken groped her while taking a photo with him at the Minnesota State Fair photo, prompting Franken to say he will spend the next few days "reflecting." The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon joked that "reflecting" is a euphemism for "hope someone else gets busted and this whole thing blows over."

The feud America didn't know it needed erupted over the weekend, when notorious basketball father LaVar Ball responded to President Donald Trump tweets about Trump's role in getting Ball's son LiAngelo and his UCLA teammates out of a Chinese jail after they were caught shoplifting sunglasses in Hangzhou. The elder Ball's first response to Trump was to ask "who?," which Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked was the worst insult because "knowing who he is is his whole thing. That's why he puts his name on all his buildings and one of his kids." Trump responded to Ball by tweeting twice about it, including saying that "I should have left them in jail!" and implying that shoplifting sunglasses should be a "big deal" crime. Late Night's Seth Meyers wondered if Trump simply has a grudge against sunglasses, considering he wouldn't even wear them while staring at an eclipse.