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Play of the Day: 12 Years a Lack of Compromise

Late-night examines John Kelly's history of the American Civil War.

President Donald Trump hosted Halloween festivities this week at the White House, giving candy to children. Conan O'Brien joked about some of the events, saying First Lady Melania Trump's dressed in costume as a "happily married woman."

White House Chief of Staff said this week that the American Civil War was caused by a “lack of an ability to compromise” in an interview on Fox News, despite the documented compromises that Abraham Lincoln offered to the Confederacy and states' articles of secession specifically mention slavery as a driving force. Late Night's Seth Meyers joked that Kelly later thought that the attack on Pearl Harbor was an "air traffic control issue." Late Show's Stephen Colbert noted that John Wilkes Booth didn't yell "can't we at least talk about this?" after shooting Lincoln and The Daily Show's Trevor Noah noted that Solomon Northup's book (and the subsequent Oscar-winning film) weren't named 12 Years a Lack of Compromise.