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Play of the Day: Kim Escalates His Feud With Trump

The North Korean leader called the American president a "dotard."

Calls for an investigation into government-billed travel for Cabinet secretaries have grown louder recently as news came out about Health and Human Services chief Tom Price's use of expensive air travel for official business and Treasury chief Steve Mnuchin's travel expenses. Last Week Tonight's John Oliver joked about the news Sunday night, hitting an old mustached look of Price and Mnuchin's comments about solar eclipses.

North Korea's government released statements last week, comparing President Donald Trump to a " dog" and calling Trump a "dotard." Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked that North Korea can't joke about Trump the way he does because "membership has its privileges," while also comparing Kim Jong-un to characters from the movie Up. The Tonight Show staff noted the use of the somewhat obscure "dotard" and put together a new Trump campaign ad, suggesting he's leaning into the term.