Play of the Day: What Other Intelligence is Trump Going to Share?

Perhaps we'll find out the truth about aliens soon.

President Donald Trump gave the commencement speech at Liberty University over the weekend and noted the crowd size at the event. Jimmy Kimmel joked about the speech, saying Trump is "the only person who could show up at an event where families come to see their children graduate and assume the crowd is there to see him." Late Night's Seth Meyers tied the speech to the Trump University lawsuit, joking that Trump University had a raccoon as its commencement speaker.

The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian officials last week in the Oval Office, perhaps jeopardizing future American intelligence gathering and foreign alliances. The story noted that this happened when Trump went "off script," prompting Late Show's Stephen Colbert to marvel that Trump even has a script. Meyers wondered why anyone was giving Trump sensitive intelligence in the first place, while The Daily Show's Trevor Noah joked about Trump's Twitter practices. Noah also joked that Trump's braggadocio means the U.S. government definitely doesn't have aliens or else we'd know about it because Trump would brag about it loudly.