Play of the Day: Donald Trump Tries Out a New Look

The president visited an aircraft carrier Friday and got some additions to his wardrobe.

Much has been made about the President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and its potential connections to the Russian government that may have interfered with the 2016 election. A Congressional committee is set to investigate the potential connections, with the committee saying it will follow the evidence "wherever it leads." Late Show's Stephen Colbert and Late Night's Seth Meyers joked about the investigation and Trump's connection to Vladimir Putin.

Trump visited the Gerald R. Ford supercarrier late last week to tout his plans for the military. While speaking on the supercarrier, Trump donned an interesting jacket and hat supplied by the Navy. Colbert joked that Trump looked like "Grandpa just stepped out of the changing room at the army surplus store" and also joked about Trump's speech on the carrier.