Play of the Day: James Comey's Letter Didn't Clear Up Anything

The FBI chief's "ambiguity bomb" was a letter version of a voicemail saying "we need to talk."

NASA's early warning intruder alert system spotted an asteroid that came close to hitting Earth this week. Considering this election cycle, Late Night's Seth Meyers joked "I think I speak for all of us when I say 'come back, asteroid!'"

James Comey's letter to Congress last week about the FBI investigation into newly uncovered emails was a huge topic on Monday's late-night shows. With news that the evidence was found on Anthony Weiner's computer, Jimmy Kimmel joked that it's like the writers of the election decided to spice things by throwing "some penis in there." Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked that Weiner's laptop probably needed to be examined by someone with rubber gloves.

Colbert and Meyers also joked about Comey's letter to Congress and the vague nature of it. Meyers joked that Comey's letter was the equivalent of a voicemail saying "we need to talk," while Colbert compared Comey to a boat captain who calls fora very vague "all hands on deck" or a really incompetent detective with dinner plans.