Play of the Day: Trump's 1995 Tax Returns Are Illuminating

After all, it takes a real business genius to lost $916 million on casinos.

Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James endorsed Hillary Clinton this week in a piece for Business Insider. Late-night hosts joked about the endorsement, with Late Night's Seth Meyers joking about Clinton being out-of-touch, Conan O'Brien joking about James' free agent movement and The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon joking about James' championship struggles.

The New York Times obtained 1995 tax records from Donald Trump that showed he may have not paid taxes for 18 years after taking a $916 million loss, largely on his Atlantic City Casinos. Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about Trump's business troubles in New Jersey, while Meyers noted that we can all "claim Donald Trump as a dependent." Trump and his surrogates suggested the Times report suggests that Trump knows the tax laws better than anyone, therefore making him the one to solve the U.S. tax code. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel all joked that this is something out of a movie: The cops always need to think like a criminal.

(Image via Flickr user Gage Skidmore)