Play of the Day: Fake Agencies Trump Would Cut as President

The Department for the Farms and the Bureau of Birds and Foxes are very wasteful fake federal agencies.

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump refused to wear the famed Wisconsin cheese head hat during a campaign stop in the badger state this week. Late-night comedians joked about Trump's dignity and hair, with Late Night's Seth Meyers joking that his head is already cheese-like and Conan O'Brien noting that Trump's hair looks like some kind of living – possibly lactose intolerant – animal.

Trump is also under some scrutiny for saying during a Fox News event last month that he would eliminate the "Department of Environmental" and then abbreviating it as the "DEP." Of course, this agency doesn't exist – the Environmental Protection agency most certainly does – so the Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about all the different made-up agencies Trump would eliminate as president. The Department of Justins most certainly has to go, as well as the U.S. Ghost Guard and the U.S. Steak Department.