Play of the Day: Donald Trump Has a Way With Numbers

The New Hampshire GOP primary winner has a lot of unemployment figures, but none are necessarily correct.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump won their respective New Hampshire primaries Tuesday night, something late-night TV noted Wednesday. Late Show's Stephen Colbert remembered the two men's unconventional entrances into the presidential race, while he and Late Night's Seth Meyers joked about the two winners' aversion to normal hair.

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah keyed in on Donald Trump's victory speech Tuesday night. Trump used "boom" to amplify his point, causing Noah to wonder what an "all sound effects" Trump campaign might sound like. Noah also noted Trump's claims about the real unemployment rate, which included him counting up from 28% to 42% in a matter of moments. Noah referenced Sesame Street and auctioneering to make his point about Trump pulling numbers out of thin air to great effect.