Play of the Day: That Awkward Debate Entrance

Ben Carson couldn't quite get on stage Saturday night.

Ted Cruz last week revealed that he sings broadway showtunes to his wife when he's stressed. This news was fodder for jokes on Saturday Night Live over the weekend with Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost saying that's what normal couples call "irreconcilable differences." Jost also joked about Cruz's favorite musical and why he loves it so much.

The Democrats held a debate late last week featuring Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders yelling at one another. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon joked about the volume, saying Donald Trump wanted them to keep it down, while Jost joked that the debate was broadcast at "500 decibels."

Saturday's Republican debate on ABC featured a stilted and awkward entrance by Ben Carson. Jost joked about Carson's lack of energy, his relationship with Trump and, of course, Trump's relationship with Jeb Bush.