Play of the Day: Megyn Kelly Cut Deep at the Debate

Bill Maher looks at the moderator's hard-hitting questions.

Among the notable items of campaign clothing 2016 GOP hopeful Jeb Bush is selling is a t-shirt that reads "My dad is the greatest man I've ever known and if you don't think so, we can step outside," referring to Bush's father. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon joked about another t-shirt Jeb could wear in the presence of his other presidential family member. It's not as flattering.

Fallon and other late-night hosts joked a lot over the weekend about the Thursday GOP debates. Fallon referenced George Pataki's pre-debate rituals, while Real Time's Bill Maher and Last Week Tonight's John Oliver made fun of Donald Trump's tan.

Maher also praised moderator Megyn Kelly for her tough questions and even thought up some new ones she could've asked. Check out the grilling at 1:25.

(Top image via Debby Wong / )