Play of the Day: The Real Question If Homeland Security Shuts Down

Americans don't care about a DHS shutdown, except for one thing.

Aaron Schock is under fire for possible misuse of company funds, thanks to stories that he violated House ethics rules. The Associated Press is reporting that Schock spent "more than $40,000 for at least a dozen flights" and other reports have him taking his staff to a Katy Perry concert in DC last year with government money. David Letterman's staff put together a video showing that, indeed, Schock is like a "Firework," while The Daily Show joked about his brushing off the accusations by quoting Taylor Swift.

On NBC, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers looked at the Keystone XL veto by the president, with Fallon keying in on partisan political statements about President Barack Obama.

The Tonight Show's graphics staff put together a pie chart on the reactions American voters have to a possible Homeland Security shutdown. Some blamed Congress, some blamed Obama, but most people just want to know if it'll be easier to get through airport security.