Play of the Day: John Kerry Loves French Things

The Secretary of State is French enough to send to the Paris rally. But, were there better candidates?

Mitt Romney is mulling a 2016 presidential run and the former governor of Massachusetts is always a good punching bag for late-night comedians. Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update compared Romney to Charlie Brown and a computer, while Conan O'Brien looked at a recent poll of Republican interest in the candidate.

The Late Show's David Letterman took a look at the recent revelations that John Boehner's bartender intended on poisoning the Speaker of the House. Letterman's staff's nifty parodying the form of a Health and Human Services showcased some of Boehner's greatest hits.

President Barack Obama's absence from the rally in Paris earlier in the month remains a topic on late-night TV. The Daily Show pursued the idea of John Kerry's inherent French-ness while Letterman wondered if Kerry was the best choice. Maybe our unofficial envoy to North Korea would've been better?