Play of the Day: Putin and Obama Are Together Again at the G20

The leaders of Russia and the United States do not appear to be close friends.

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With debate continuing about an American course of action regarding the situation in Syria , late-night TV hosts continue to joke about it. The Tonight Show ’s Jay Leno mentioned Republicans supporting President Barack Obama’s plan for strikes, saying that the only time both parties can come together is when we’re going to drop bombs on someone. The Late Late Show ’s Craig Ferguson mentioned the possible ways to deal with Syria from other nations, including France’s unconventional method. On The Late Show , David Letterman’s staff continued to mock Bashar al-Assad’s facial hair by putting it on famous figures in American popular culture.

Obama traveled to St. Petersburg to attend the 2013 G-20 Russia Summit this week , renewing his chilly relationship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The two shook hands upon Obama’s arrival, prompting Leno’s staff to insert a shirtless Putin into the video, while Ferguson’s staff photoshopped Putin looking like a bored schoolchild . Ferguson also joked about the topics of conversation at the G20, commenting that they may find an explanation for twerking.

Fast forward to 3:10  to see who was lurking nearby while Putin and Obama shook hands at the G20.