Play of the Day: Time to Think About Syria

A possible conflict hits the late-night TV radar.

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With the White House mulling action against Syria this week , late-night comedians took notice at the news. David Letterman mentioned that President Barack Obama could now claim to start wars for other presidents to clean up, while Jay Leno joked about the administration’s quote saying the nation “must be held accountable.” Also, Letterman referenced the newest Batman in speculating on the successor to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

Leno also looked toward pop cultural news in his joke about the recent botched printing of the new $100 bills . In using Miley Cyrus’ tongue-wagging , Tonight Show producers put together a nice visual gag.

Leno also continued talking about the National Security Agency’s surveillance program. Wednesday’s monologue continued his fascination with the story that analysts were using NSA technology to spy on ex-spouses and lovers . Leno, however, noted that it’s quite easy to do that with social networking.

New York-based Letterman turned local at the end of his monologue, looking at the story of a ferry crashing on its way to Liberty Island -- the home of the National Park Service’s Statue of Liberty National Monument. Letterman noted that pilot likely didn’t heed notice of “giant statues in the area.”

Fast forward to 2:40 to see the injuries sustained after the ferry crash.